Poetry Journal Submissions

Poetic Journal Submissions

We welcome all kinds of poetry (including, but not limited to, narrative experimental, visual, found and erased poetry). Many thanks for your interest in Poetry Northwest, the oldest literary magazine in the region. We' re interested in high-quality fiction, poetry, non-fiction, photo essays, author interviews and reviews of new volumes of poetry and prose. submittals Guidelines for submission: - We welcome all kinds of poetry (including, but not restricted to, experiential, notional, poetic, found and erased narrative). Also, we welcome poetry in translations and collaboration work.

- Accepts review books, interview and essay on poetry. - Submissions are received all year round and we do not calculate any fees for the read.

  • We issue publications three of a year, and we reply to submissions within 30 working days, often within 5 workdays. - We do not approve works that have already been made public, either in printed or electronic form. - If you are submitting at the same time, please let us know immediately if your work is received elsewhere.

We kindly ask you to hand in 3-5 verses with covering letters and curriculum vitae. Each poem should be sent as a separate Word file. No length limitations apply to the submission of book revisions, in-depth interviewing or writing articles. We kindly ask you to hand in a covering note and a biography and return the reviewer, the interviewer or the article as a Word-Dokument.

The Diode owns the first production copyrights to works we release and the right, with your consent, to reproduce them in other media, such as ( (but not restricted to) on-line, eReader, archive ethologies, etc.). Our participants are nominated for prizes such as the Pushcart Award and Best of the Net. Please quote Diode if your poetry will be republished elsewhere in the near term.

Guidelines for submission |

Many thanks for your interest in Poetry Northwest, the oldest literature mag. The Poetry Northwest is released semi-annually in June and December. We' re also publishing new works (poems, critiques, interventions and essay about poetry or the intersection of poetry and bourgeoisie, art and science) on our website to complement and expand our printed work.

There is no difference between works that have been chosen for the printed version or for publishing on the website. Any work presented to us during our read periods will be taken into account for the printed version, the website or both at the editorial office's option. There is nothing we can consider that has already been posted or approved for posting in any way, such as work that has been posted on the web, blog, Facebook, etc.

Because of the large number of submissions, we cannot provide any personal critique. 500 and published in Poetry Northwest for a poetry or a series of poetry by a 65+ female now in the Pacific Northwest. Unprequested submissions of poetry in originals or in translations during our normal readings from September 15 to March 15.

No more than five verses should be submitted at once. Acceptable file formats: If you are translating, please provide both English and original documents and make sure that you also have the right to reprint the same. You are welcome to send us your uncalled prosary all year round. If you have any questions about the fine arts, please contact us from 15 September to 15 March.

Concurrent submissions will be considered acceptable with prior notice and timely notice of receipt elsewhere. If your work has been approved elsewhere, please include a notice in your Submittable submittal. Submissions will only be processed through our on-line registration system; work sent by post will be reused; work sent by e-mail will not be erased without being read.

Feel free to enter as many entries as you like, but please allow for a reply before resubmitting. Submissions are always free of charge for season-tickets. Unsubscribers are accepted one free entry per reading-cycle. A small $3 per entry read rate is then applied This small multi-entry charge supports our quest to create a high caliber literature magazine.

Multi-registrations without this reading-fare ( "no subscribers") will be cancelled without being read. Our harvest starts on September 15th and ends on March 15th. Although we recognize that a quick response is important and our aim is to react to unasked submissions within 10-12 week, we can take longer in our busyest time.

We' re here to make sure that your poetry gets the kind of attentiveness it needs, and we take it all in. You are kindly requested to submit only one contribution at a while. We own the first production copyrights to materials we release and the right to reproduce that footage in other media types, such as ( (but not restricted to) on-line, eReader, archive ethologies, etc.).

Copyrights revert back to the original authors on first release. Please note that we do not demand that the materials are protected by copyrights before they are submitted. This is what we want to see and publicize every single second. We' re looking forward to your best work.

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