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The Poetry International is one of the oldest and most respected literary magazines in the world, dedicated specifically to poetry and poetics from around the world. A world-class literary magazine on the campus of San Diego State University, Poetry International is aimed at an international poetry community. International Poetry This is one of the oldest and most prestigious literature magazines in the word, devoted specifically to poetry and poetry from all over the word. Among our participants were also Adrienne Rich, Amir Saadi Yousseff, Carolyn Forche, Mahmoud Darwish, Li-Young Lee, Yehuda Amichai, Juan Felipe Herrera, Lyn Hejinian, Katie Ford, Christian Wiman, Malena Morling, Wanda Coleman, Valzhyna Mort, Kwame Dawes,

They are Edward Hirsch, Gerald Stern, Chris Abani, Jean Valentine, Duo Duo, Jane Hirshfield, Bei Dao, Ewa Lipska, Eleanor Wilner, Anna Swir, Anne Waldman, Toi Derricotte, Dunya Mikhail, Robert Bly, Fady Joudah, Gary Soto, Jericho Brown, Nikola Madzirov and many others. Every edition contains chapters and portraits showing the poetry of different countries such as Sweden, Russia, Mexico, Iraq, Vietnam, Chile and Cuba.

"Poetry International's editions came out five in the morning, and I haven't finished it. All that poetry in them. It is a great compilation, unique! "The new edition of Poetry International is an exceptional assembly of poet. There are so many unpleasant and enjoyable things to do - Ritsos, Akhmatova, Mandelstam and the Jane Hirshfield work.

" รข an unbelievably wealthy compilation of the best poetry in the world and the most original work."

Poesie International Submission Manager

Competition rules: There is no need for an extra covering note. Contacts (address, e-mail, phone number). An entry can contain between 3 and 8 entries/poems that have been submitted in ONE single work. There is a $15 for the first three entries/poems and $3 for all other entries/poems. Further information: For general information on the Poetry International Chapbook Submission:

We have several different policies for writing abstracts - please research how to do so. We at Poetry International are proud to offer both English and translated versions of our chapterbooks (or "portfolios"). Published in Poetry International and a voucher copy! Policies: The work as a whole must be unreleased (individual poetry publications are fine).

Concurrent submission is permitted, provided you immediately notify us if the chapterbook has been approved for other use. Each poem will be taken into account for publishing. Attach a cover page with name, telephone number, e-mail, titles of the manuscripts and postal adress. None of Poetry International's present or former employees or San Diego State University alumni can submit applications.

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