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Poetry Foundation is a Chicago-based American foundation established to promote poetry in wider culture. Poetry Foundation, editor of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization dedicated to promoting a strong presence of poetry in our culture. The Poetry Foundation & ; Poetry Magazine, Chicago.

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The Foundation's website says it is "committed to a strong poetry representation in our culture". To partly promote this goal, the Foundation operates a diary named Harriet[3] dedicated to the blogging of writers commissioned by the Poetry Foundation in Harriet, including Ange Mlinko, Christian Bök, Stephen Burt and Rigoberto González.

The Foundation also presents several prizes for poetry and poetry. There are also workshops, lectures, exhibitions and a poetry collection. Poetry Foundation organizes a calendar of activities. This includes poetry recitals, stagings, cooperations with artists and exhibits. Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute offers an autonomous platform for poetry forums.

We invite writers, scientists, teachers and others to exchange thoughts on the intelligent and pragmatic needs of poetry and to develop ways to help the arts. This Poetry Out Loud recital competion was launched in 2006 by the Poetry Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts to raise poetry consciousness through performances and compete.

The project employs pupils in the general and literary spheres and in the production of poems. Prizes awarded by the Foundation are aimed at promoting and acknowledging poetry and poetry. Pegasus Prizes are a set of prizes for "under-recognized" poet and poetry (the winged Pegasus was used to show the early cover of magazines).

Laureate of the Children's Poet Prize is a two-year vocation as writer of children's poetry. Ruth Lilly Prize is an yearly prize for the life's work of American poet. Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship is given to prospective US writers to help them with their studies and work. Comprising 30,000 volumes, the collection includes a large choice of poetry, in English or in German and English transl.

The book also contains examples of previous epochs and a 3,000-volume children's section. Besides the lecture hall, there are sound cabins for poetry recording and poetry and educational programs with a focus on poetry and interaction-display. The museum is open to the general public from Tuesday to Friday, with a children's play on Wednesday.

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