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World Poetry Database Search : Social Media . The database of social justice! Historical voices from the past of poetry - Classical poems - Today's poets read works from the distant past. Searching, searching and accessing the database or publication.

This is an archive film in which the publishers of Ali Cobby Eckerman's poetry "Black Deaths in Custody" from the May 2016 edition of Poetry are discussing.

This is an archive film in which the publishers of Ali Cobby Eckerman's poetry "Black Deaths in Custody" from the May 2016 edition of Poetry are discussing. Read and explore poetry with pupils in this year. The publishers of this archive installment are discussing the poetry of Carolyn Forché's October 2016 edition of "Trauer".

Poesy database

Welcome to the quarry: The database of societal equity! Browseable for the subject of societal equity, the writer's identities, the state and the geographical area, The Quarry is a uniquely wealthy asset. The Quarry provides poetry that informs and inspires you, your colleagues and everyone with whom you work and work.

In the quarry, poetry helps us to name injustice and to lament loss, both personally and locally. They are imagining another kind of life, one based on righteousness and the strength of it. You are invited to discover The Quarry: use the tag at the bottom to move from one poet to another, meet poet in your country or area, view video clips, indulge in these beautiful, hurtful, provocative and consoling words.

Share some stones! The Social Justice Poetry Database as a wellspring. You can also add a shortcut to the poetry reproducing database. We' d like to know how you use The Quarry.

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Indices poetry in manuscripts. A few are full texts, others are extracts. It also contains brief autobiographies of some of the world' s leading writers, commentaries on poetry and poetry by renowned scientists, and a poetry dictionary. Offers picture and full text on-line acces to the most important scientific periodicals of different scientific fields in the natural science, soft - and arts.

Art and Science Collections I-XIV; Industry IV; Life Sciences Collection; Public Health Reports, Global Plants and JSTOR Art & Sciences XV. Offers a wide range of full text information on the work of several thousand writers across all literature fields and periods. Contains story abstracts, overviews, essays, writer bios, book review, poetry, short story and more.

Offering browsable full text of more than 350,000 works of literature in British - poetry, play and essays; 175 full-text literature magazines; the annual bibliography of British literature and essays; and references that include American poetry and other literature, autobiographies and lexicons. We also offer a full cross-search of EEBO - Early English Books Online.

Offers biographical information, bibliography and analyses of writers from all ages and literature disciplines. Offers a categorized list and index of textbooks and essays on contemporary language, literature, ethnic and linguistic topics. Offers on-line acces to the latest editions of select scientific periodicals from the fields of science, research, humanities, economics, literature and maths.

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