Poetry Contests for Money

Poetic competitions for money

Here you will find application deadlines, entry fees, prize money & links for further information. A few end soon, so make sure you apply for them immediately if you are interested. A further possibility is to take part in poetry competitions in the hope of winning some money.

Eighty-seven poetry competitions worthwhile | 2018 poetry competition dates

We have compiled a complete listing of 77 of the most favourite poetry competitions in 2018, which will be organised after the closing date for entries. All of the following poetry competitions have a hyperlink to the rules for submitting the poem competitions so that you can find out more about the competitions, the editor and the most suitable poetry-competitions.

We have also provided the participation fees and prizes for each of the 2018 poetry contests on this page. What is in our 2018 Poetry Competition Schedule? If you are looking for poetry collections contests, would like to send in your free poetry in a competition or would rather send in the textured meters of traditionally poetical shapes.... we are hoping that you will find something interesting in the large and ecological poetry contests underneath.

We no longer open to entries, but we want to motivate and assist authors by making useful materials available, and we will strive to work on, maintain and extend our lists of poetry contests and contests that authors are paying for each year. When you see that we have a poetry competition missing, please let us know (there is a poetry competition entry page at the bottom of this page) and we will check it and put it in as soon as we have some in.

Best of luck when submitting your poetry contests! For more information or to view the full policy and directions, click on the name of one of these poetry contests. We' re refreshing this page as we're encouraged to enter other great poetry contests. When you are managing a literature magazine and would like your competition to be included in this mailing lists, please fill out the following format to enter your poetry competition for evaluation.

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