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Poets Club

Wellcome to my poetry club! Jim Lambie's art space for the presentation of art, poetry, spoken word, performance and music in Glasgow, Scotland. Poetry Club is a group of students who are all enthusiastic about the art of poetry! - Australian Slam Team Poetry Showcase. The Poetry Club is a place where students can share their poems and read and talk about other poems they love.

The Poetry Club - Clubs & Aktivities

Poetry Club is a group of Poetry Club Poetry enthusiasts! First and foremost, we want to express ourselves and improve our alphabetisation by composing and performing poems. This work allows us to live our life together. But we are open to see the outside view of the outside view.

We recognise that each of us has a singular and precious range of experience of life that determines the way we see the day. Our basic philosophies allow our pupils to remain faithful to themselves while we romp about poetry. A highlight of the club is our attendance at "Louder Than A Bomb", a city-wide poetry sloam.

This contest brings together people from all over the town to tell their story through their poetry. Every writer knows that it will take countless lessons of reworking and exercise and, most important of all, courage to go on in order to speak with the people. Pupils always grab, rejoice and clap when they hears something they like - even if it is a rival.

Some years ago there was a documentation about the contest. It' a way for us to divide poetry with the broader Fenwick people. We had almost 35 writers on our stages last year! The club gathers about every two or four days in autumn and early spring and once a month in winters to celebrate the LTAB contest, the "Louder Than a Bomb" poetry slot and the Open Mic.

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Bowery Poetry Club is a New York City Poetry Performances Room established by Bob Holman in 2002. The BPC in 308 Bowery, between Bleecker and Houston Street in the East Village of Manhattan, is a favourite venue for writers and emerging artist. Holman spoke in a 2002 New York Times report about the club about the high-risk decision to open the club on Bowery, which was a "slide" at the time:

The Bowery Poetry is run by Bowery Arts + Science, a non-profit organisation established by Bob Holman and directed by film maker and writer Nikhil Melnechuk. Twenty years of New York City Poetry Slam. The Bowery Poetry Club opens (somehow) for business.

"is a lighthouse in the Bowery." The New York Times.

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