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Most chapbooks are short collections of poems, but can also be used for short stories or plays. Chapbooks traditionally offer a sample of a writer's voice and occasionally contain orphaned works that are not included in traditional publishing efforts. Chapter Books explains: Chapter Books explains: Chap books are usually brief poetry compilations, but can also be used for shorts or theatre pieces. Historically, chapterbooks have offered a sample of a writer's vote and sometimes contain orphan works that are not part of the publisher's tradition. We print (internally) our chapterbooks on 24# or 28# archive papers (for less cutting).

Envelopes are full-colour on 110 lb of thick and strong print. The chaptbooks are taken to our cutting unit, where they are fold with a standard saddlestitcher and tied by han. Every volume is cut with a manually controlled 1717 Guillotine Cutter to make the outer edges crispy (just like glued books).

Covered in a clear cover, each of your ledgers stays neat and tidy until they' re on sale. This additional work means that our handmade chapterbooks may be more costly to manufacture, but they are nice and can be collected to a high degree. Producing very small numbers of chapterbooks, we believe it is important that the author's vote survive the years.

Submission and publication: Only very few publishers provide chapterbooks because they are seldom cost-effective. While some chap books are selling less than 50 units, others are doing better. These small numbers usually make the total capital expenditure (professional reader, editorial, design, format, artwork, ISBN, set-up and print, etc.) a waste for the publishing house. We' re offering our Chapbook range as part of our commitment to the promotion of the fine art.

The Chapbook programme is outside our general publisher programme. Featured writers will get 10 books and publications as remuneration for the brief compilation. We' re making this commitment to make sure that our books can be gathered and sold long after they are out of stock and to preserve the author's vote.

Writers can take advantage of specific rebates to benefit from Chapbook sales at reading bookings and event venues. All of our chapterbooks are specialist journals, not self-publications. The release is completely free from beginning to end. We also offer all supporting editing and editing work. Copyrights are in the author's name and the right to re-publish contents in another formats is returned to the writer after they have been published.

As you want to marked out your work. It is preferable that you enter your submissions on-line with our Tender Managers. While we do not approve submissions by electronic mail, if you do not wish to use a submissions management tool, we do so.

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