Poetry Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

Publishers of poetry books accept submissions

Twenty-one poetry publishers who accept unauthorised manuscripts While there are a dozen English-speaking poetry publishers, not all publishers are the same. In some cases only poems that have taken part in one of their competitions (for which a commission is charged) are published, others require an advance payment or require a certain number of volumes to be pre-ordered.

The biggest homes only look at scripts that have been handed in via operatives. Público Press, a member of the University of Houston, specialises in the publication of modern fiction, poetry, short story and plays dealing with US culture and topics (Cubans, Mexicans, Spanish, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and others). Send it in as required: Art Público uses an on-line application only.

Please see the application form HERE. The Black Mountain Press: "The Black Mountain is a literature publication for young, up-and-coming authors who publish several different book categories every year. In the next three years from 2014 to the end of 2017, our main emphasis will be on volumes of poetry, memoirs, fiction and collection of comics.

They are looking for top-notch literature, imaginative non-fiction books and poems that combine an unmistakable sense of voices and visions. "Narrative genres: book-length literature, imaginative non-fiction and poetry. As submitted: We only accept handwritten documents by post. Please enclose a printed copy of your completed book-length book with a covering note containing your contacts and related personal information.

Please click HERE to view the full policy. Submissions are free of charge in the following categories: novel, amendment, compilation of stories (full-length and chapbook), poetry (full-length and chapbook), history & culture, translations (from French and German) and non-fiction. "Sketch it in: Submissions only. Please click HERE to view the full manual. The BlazeVOX [books] is an independant small publishing house based in Buffalo, New York.

BlazeVOX has so far released 280 titles and over 1000 contributors in its on-line magazine and other publishers. You develop a book line that encourages the work of brave, inventive and definition-happy people. Poetry, novels, experimental literature, female authors' literature critique (with accompanying persons, students and stories).

Submissions on-line. Please click HERE to view the full manual. "BOA was established in 1976 by the deceased writer, publisher and interpreter A. Poulin Jr. and has more than 300 publications on US poetry, poetry in translations and filmlets. Their first release with the BOA print was Der Führerbunker: Wynn Handman selected the Führer bunker for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry, Joseph Papp selected it for the theatre and Wynn Handman created it for The Amerikan Place Theater.

" As submitted: Just snail mail. Mmm. Poet must have already released a full-length poetry book. Please click HERE to view the complete policy. The Carcanet Press is a UK publisher specialising in poetry. "In the fifth century, Carcanet has released the most extensive and varied English and English translations of contemporary and classical poetry.

" We' re good at that: The submissions and book suggestions will only be considered in paper format. Authors should enclose between six and ten pages of poems and a prepaid and prepaid return addresslet. Please click HERE to view the complete policy. City-lights Publishers has created several renowned personalities, among them Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg.

The City Lights publishing company produces 12 volumes per year. As submitted: The City Lights office only accept book suggestions by post. Please have a look at their application form HERE. For poetry submissions, please include your full script with an introduction to your work and a comparison with at least two recent Coach House works in which you explain how your book would suit our mailing lists, as well as a literature resume with your past releases and pertinent experiences.

Preference is given to submissions made electronically. Please see their entry regulations HERE. is one of the last major independant publishers in London. You have written works by no less than twelve Nobel Prize laureates and six Booker Prize laureates. His eminent figures include T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound and Jean Cocteau: mail six of your work to the Poetry Depart.

E-mail submissions will not be considered. Please have a look at their application form HERE. Each year Four Way Books releases 14-15 volumes of poetry and shorts by up-and-coming and renowned authors. An English-language volume of poetry from a New York City inhabitant (5 districts) for a first or second series.

As submitted: The deadline for submissions is 15 November - 15 December 2017. This book should contain no less than 45 pages. Please note: This publishing house also conducts competitions, which are subject to a charge. On the website it is not quite clear whether the free readings are a competition or a periodic one.

Please click HERE to view the complete policy. The New York City-based Futurespoem Book community is devoted to presenting cutting-edge works of poetry and poetry by up-and-coming and important under-represented people. As submitted: The submissions are usually from 50-200 pages. Please click HERE to view the complete policy. The Kaya Press is a distributor of diaspora authors from Asia and the Pacific in the United States.

Among her many different tracks are experimental poetry, noise fi ces, memoirs, avant-garde arts, performances and "lost" novels. As submitted: Please upload your manuscripts electronically. You will only take works that have to do with the Asiaticiaspora. Please click HERE to view the complete policy. The Manic D Presse is an US literature publication located in San Francisco, California that publishes books, poetry and comics.

The Manic D Press titles are sold in the USA by Consortium, Last Gasp and distributors such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor, in the UK and EU by Turnaround PSL, in Canada by Publishers Group Canada and worldwide by Perseus. As submitted: E-mail submissions are preferable. Published scripts are reviewed twice a year, only in January and July.

Concurrent submissions are permitted, just let them know if your work has been approved elsewhere or if (and where) it has already been public. Please click HERE to view the complete policy in all phases of your career. As submitted: If you want poetry, please return the complete script. Please state in your covering note why you believe your book is Mansfield: Press - ?reference Other Mansfield books in your statement: You are expecting authors to help with advertising.

is a non-profit literature journal that produces between fifteen and twenty volumes a year. You have released almost three hundred songs. "It is our task to recognize, cultivate and publicize transformational writing and to create a committed fellowship around it. "Milkweed produces nonacademic and nonacademic works of art, poetry, novels and YA, poetry by individual writers (over 60 pages).

The general submissions in book length will be reviewed in April. is a small independant publisher that is producing high qualitiy, restricted volumes of poetry. As submitted: Accepting scripts from writers who have written less than three works (including chapbooks), Plan B is an impartial, non-profit journal that issues about twenty novels of literature, non-fiction and poetry each year.

"We are looking for fiction, memoirs, fiction, hybrids, stories, essays and volumes of poetry of extraordinary Literary value that prove a high degree of mastership. "Submissions can be made by post or on-line via the Internet ($3 fee). The Seven Stories Press produces poetry and poetry on political, humanitarian, social as well as economical reason.

She also translates from French, Hispanic, Dutch, Arabic, German, Russian, Flemish, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Roman. As submitted: The submission of poems on the website is not subject to any rules. The Wake Forest University Press only releases poems in Ireland. You do not approve scripts from US writers, even Irish-American poet.

Submissions: "From Ireland, if you would like to send a poetry script, please send a sample of your poems and your biography to wfupress@wfu.edu. You can also send a printed copy of your work, biography and contacts to Wake Forest University Press, P.O. Box 7333, Winston-Salem, NC 27109.

If you wish to have your entry returned, please enclose an address able and sufficiently stamped reply-package. "Please click here to view the policy.

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