Poetry Book Contests

Poetic book competitions

The Barrow Street Press Book Contest. D├ęcembre Price / Special offer books. The Gerald Cable Book Award / Silverfish Review Press. Holly Summers Poetry Prize / Ohio UP & Swallows Press.

The New Issues Poetry & ; Prose Green Rose Prize :

Coming Poetry Book Contests | Poets & Writers

This is the right place for you if you have finished a full-length poetry script and would like to enter it in a publishing competition. Here are competitions with dates in September that have a release and a minimum price of $1,000. The California State University at Fresno Philip Levine Award for Poetry: An award of 2,000 dollars and a Anhinga Press book of poetry are awarded each year.

Entrance : 28 $, Mad Creek Books Journal/Charles B. Wheeler Poetry Award : An award of $2,500 and a book by Mad Creek Books, the Ohio State University Press commercial literature print, is awarded each year to a poetry series. Entrance fee: $38, New Criterion Poetry Prize: An award of 3,000 dollars and a St. Augustine's Press book of poetry is awarded each year.

Recent editions Poetry & Prose Green Rose Prize: $1,000, a New Issues Poetry & Prose release and a Western Michigan University lecture are awarded each year for a book of poetry. The competition is open to writers who have at least one complete volume of poetry in their works. The Red Mountain Press Poetry Award :

An award of $1,000 and a Red Mountain Press book of poetry is awarded each year. Participation Fee: $28, University of Arkansas Press Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize: The University of Arkansas Press awards a $5,000 award and publishes an annual poetry series. Entrance fee: $28, University of Massachusetts Press Juniper Prizes:

Each year, two awards worth $1,000 each and a University of Massachusetts Press book of poetry are awarded for a first volume of poetry and a volume of poetry. At the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The University of Wisconsin Press Brittingham und Felix Pollak Preise : Each year, two $1,000 awards and a University of Wisconsin Press book of poetry are presented.

Participation Fee: $28, see the full rules and submit information on the competition website. Please browse our Grants & Awards data base and the submit calendar for further competitions in the fields of poetry, literature and non-fiction.

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