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For all poetry related discussions about Big Tent sub blog. If you only know where to look, there are a lot of poetry blogs out there. Allow me to explain how to start a poetry blog. Currently, submissions for the Omnidawn Single Poem Broadside Poetry Contest are possible for a single poem.

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Best poetry blogs in the city ((we think)

There are a plethora of poetry blogs out there if you only know where to look. We have chosen our favorites that offer the best of classical and modern poetry, and the shortlist is constantly expanding. aty Evans-Bush (@KatyEvansBush) knows poetry and is brilliant at writing about it - a very special deed.

Since 2011 Dave Coates has been competently and thoroughly typing Dave Poems in his diary. He has a review, interview and comments on poetry. Sidekick Books writer and writer Jon Stone leads the dazzling Sharing Your Toys Tumblr, where he divides his own works with other modernists.

Poetry Trust named Anthony Wilson's poetry blog'disarmingly open....one of the most beloved and important on-line readings of today'. On George Szirtes' diary you will find a mixture of articles, hypertext articles and articles, from poetry to political science.

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