Poetry Archive

Poetic Archive

The children's archive has so many good poems, it's hard to know where to start! Poetry Archive is a free, web-based library set up for recordings of English poets reading their own works. An archive for the creation of a historical audio collection of American poetry.

Poetic Archive

You can search the archive's sound files by titles, authors, topics and forms. Every poetry is complemented by a short biography of the writer and interpretive information on the chosen poetry. Also 60-minute CD's of each new record are published in the archive. Instructors will find various sources to enhance the hearing experiences for their pupils with curricula, advice on how to listen and some useful ideas for invited poets to read.

In the Poetry Archive is also a children's poetry archive with photographs of select authors such as Allan Ahlberg, James Berry, Valerie Bloom, Roald Dahl, Wes Magee, Spike Milligan, Brian Moses, Judith Nicholls, Brian Patten and Michael Rosen.

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Accompanied by James Berry's poetry, he will take you back to the sounds, attractions and scents of his early years. Born in 1961, Jackie Kay is an award-winning author of literature, poetry and theatre pieces, whose..... Born in 1946, Brian Patten has authored many volumes of poetry for grown-ups and kids, as well as poetry..... Andréw Fusek Peters (*1965), Britain's greatest poets, has published more than 45 works for.....

Writing thought-provoking, fun poetry for kids, Fred Sedgwick takes a broad palette of..... Adrian Mitchell, the British poet Laureate, argues passionately for the need for poetry. They also discuss how to get inspiration for their poetry, where to write it and for whom.....

As the years went by, I became more and more interested in the lyricism of poetry. So you can decide if you want to write or not: poetry: MyArchive can be used to store and distribute your favorite poetry and poems:

Poetry archive for the creation of a historical audio collection of American poetry

In recent years, writers and writers on both sides of the Atlantic have separated. Donald Hall, US Prize Winner, in agreement with Andrew Motion, UK Prize Winner, has compiled the shortlist of writers to be selected for the work.

The collection comprises both historical archive photographs of past as well as new photographs of prominent writers of the present. Listed are Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Ezra Pound and Ogden Nash as well as a broad palette of modern US Poet. Monday, May 7th, Donald Hall and Andrew Motion will be sharing a Chicago theatre followed by performances at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. on May 10th and at the Poetry Society in London on June 6th.

The April edition of Poetry is dedicated to the arts of translating for the second time in a row. Here you can find the latest edition of Poetry. This edition shows an unbelievable diversity of talents, with new versions of classics like Rimbaud, Horace, Dante and Neruda, but also of relatively unfamiliar American writers like Coral Bracho from Mexico and Jin Eun-Young from Korea, of well-known writers like Robert Pinsky, Charles Simic, J.M. Coetzee, Rosanna Warren and Paul Muldoon.

Over the next few month, the following editions of Poetry will release a number of detailed portraits of poetry from around the world, such as India and Italy. It is an autonomous literature organisation that promotes a strong poetry representation in our cultural life by discovering, celebrating and making the best poetry available to the widest possiblepublic.

It has recently finished Poetry in America, an unparalleled research that aims to understand the place of poetry in US civilization. A life-long passion for poetry is most likely to develop when it is developed early in the early stages of infancy and strengthened afterwards. Second year now, Poetry Out Loud: Poetry Archive is the world's leading library of photographs of English poetry readings.

The website www.poetryarchive.org contains lectures by 120 writers from many parts of the globe - both recently recorded contemporaries and excerpts from historical photos of the past - as well as biographic and bibliographic information, portraits and extra facilities such as recorded poet interviewing and a plethora of useful aids for educators and schoolchildren.

They also publish CD collections of works by contemporaries. Poetry Archive's director is Andrew Motion, UK Poetry Prize Winner, and Richard Carrington, a richly experienced poetry writer who reads her work. More than 860,000 visitors have visited the archive since its start in November 2005.

This exceptional figure illustrates the huge influence the archive has on the pleasure of poetry in the UK and beyond. Over the next few month and years, the archive is planning to include more footage in its collections and to provide them with extensive materials to download so that educators and pupils can fully appreciate the footage.

The Poetry Archive, as a non-profit association, relies on contributions from government institutions, trust and foundation and generous people. The archive's website allows users to make contributions to its work. Poetry Archive is a charitable organization; excerpts from its collections of photographs and all its interpretations and backgrounds, as well as extensive pedagogical materials, are available free of cost to all.

Further information on the archive can be found on the Internet at www.poetryarchive.org.

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