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The UK Poetry Library website is a good place to research them. An extensive FAQ from the British Poetry Society. We ask if there is a market for poetry and how you can publish your poetry. Poetry is rarely accepted by agents, and large publishers are interested in making money.

Rennaissance One

Ranging from poetry and the verbal language to bookkeeping and workshop, our highly regarded authors react in a creative way to topics in social, political and cultural life in order to create thrilling happenings that really make a difference. That makes us quick to react, knowledgeable, committed and inspired by different regional literatures.

Would you like to reserve one of our authors for a lecture, show, workshop, residence or other kind of events? We are always looking for new employees and interesting work.

UK Author's House

With AuthorHouse, it' s simple to post poems. Being your poetry editor, we take you through every stage of the publication lifecycle, from publication to sales. Ninety eight per cent of all unrequested scripts are refused. These detailed guidelines explain our processes and invite you to travel with us.


We' re totally swamped with fictional entries, most of which are not covered by the present regulations. It is our goal to promote good typing. We are looking for high-quality books - fancy and smart typefaces that have a particular touch - and healthy occasionalism in our erotic lists - good, conscientious typefaces that add something new to the subject.

There is a much smaller UK small media community than the US and we believe that the provision of facilities for British authors is where our assets are most needed. E-mail submission is highly favored; no reading of actual scripting is possible. Judgements are based exclusively on the advantages of this screenplay, and unfortunately it is not an indicator of a writer's literacy.

We have very few agents working in our areas of expertise, and only a small number of our present team. Sometimes we get scripting from counterfeit agents - novelists or their buddies who pretend to be agents, believing that we take their work more seriously.

  • Serious erotic and secular literature with a special emphasis on Western Escoteric tradition, Faery, Arthurian/Grail tradition, antique places, heathenism and magical rituals. - Imaginative writing of fictional literature. At the moment we do not accept poetry. - Maine cinematography, gender cinematography (thriller, sci-fi, phantasy etc.), children's literature or contemporary poetry. Only full-length screenplays are published, no chapterbooks or fastfiction.

The ideal number of fictional words should be between 40,000 and 90,000. It is our general practice to use British English in all our publications. Our ethic is different from most major publishing houses and our commitment to good printing goes beyond mere reward. We are not shy of accepting low sales if we believe they merit a break; the cheap ones help to make a living for those who are not.

You can buy all our Escoteric books at Atlantis Bookshop, Treadwell's and Watkins in London.

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