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Head-to-head comparison of several large pod publishers. You will often hear the term'POD publishing' and it stands for'Print On Demand', and at some point it will be used for'Publish on Demand'. Understand how POD enables publishers and authors to maximize profits and minimize risk. Global licensed book publisher with print-on-demand and e-book publishing technologies. Use CreateSpace Publishing, a print on demand or POD service from Amazon.


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A self-publication could be the solution if you have ever thought about publishing your own or have had trouble having your books advertised and advertised by a major publishing house! Putting it in simple terms, self-publication means that you, the writer, have complete mastery over how your work will be released.

Some of you won't be publishing for the first time, and you'll be familiar with the publishing proces. That' s why we are pleased to publish your books according to your specifications - end of history, if you will pardon the play on words! The remainder of you can select - or combine - three "self-publication packages", which range from simple provision of an ISBN (International Standard Books Number), the provision of advertising materials and advice on how to install Google alarms, to the provision of additional boxed versions of your work and the creation of your own blogs to advertise your work.

With POD Book Publishing - Self-publishers | Self-publishers

The abbreviation POD stands for Printo Onemand. This is a way of making certain volumes of textbooks that are required to fulfill current bookselling or orderings. It is the client who orders the product that generates the request for a unique copy. An individual copy of this volume is then available upon request, with a full-colour laminate envelope and sent to the client or bookseller ordering the POD work.

With POD, you can publish your work only when it's needed. Authors' paths can be a hard one. There is an astonishing amount of effort, patience and spirit needed to produce a complete work. Unfortunately, many of them never make it out of the authors hand to be released and enjoy.

For a writer, the worse case would be to buy a subsidized publishing company that would produce a large number of titles for $5,000 - $30,000! Often a subsidised or conceited newspaper retains the copyright to the works it publishes. Once the script lifts off, the writer has no say.

And if the product is not sold as well as expected, the writer is confronted with a lot of cash he spends, cartons of products that get dusty in the cellar, and an out-of-print product that the writer no longer has the right to. Our goal is to remedy this situation by offering large scale publishers accessible and professionally produced work.

We have all the necessary devices to produce, reprint, bind, stock and send your work. Our one-of-a-kind print-on-demand publishing approach means that most of our titles are produced in small volumes and stored in our microstock, not 10,000 copies before sale. No matter how much a product should be sold, that is the amount that is going to be published.

As a bestseller, we are more than willing to take on the task and deliver excellent and reliable results. You can return our print-on-demand titles to the booksellers at no extra charge. There is no other publishing house like it to do what we do. Contact an Authors Advocate for details:

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