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Composite e-commerce, print-on-demand, order processing and delivery for publishers and authors. On this page you will find a list of services that enable the on-demand production ("Printing on Demand") of books. The Print on Demand technology is now widely used, literally delivering Print on Demand. When it makes more sense to print short runs, we bring your book into POD production (a digital book printer). Are you sure you can produce a free print book?


Today I refreshed parts of this page in the text'sticky patches' in glowing green to look at new ways of distributing the products that have emerged since my first publication here. I' ll add more Ingram Spark related patches in due time. Affordable print-on-demand firms that you should consider if you want to do all the footwork yourself:

I' ve merged CreateSpace and Lightning Source UK. However, I think CreateSpace - in combination with Ingram Spark - is the best choice for new self-publishers. Continue reading to learn more - especially (1) why it is important to know the ISBNs and (2) why it is still awesome and very recommendable to choose CS, but why it is not a good choice to expand your distribution channel.

For a number of reason, I found CreateSpace a great place to begin my self-publishing trip - although you'll see later that I shared my distributions between CreateSpace and Lightning Source. Why CreateSpace: It' will also appear on Amazon.de and in other Amazon shops in Europe.

From here orders are going to be published in the UK or Europe - this was launched in May 2012 - please review the license agreements here. Use CreateSpace to create free Word template files to format the inside of your book. They are available in a variety of formats to suit the most popular book formats.

Those definitive PDF files will also work for Lightningource - or at least for me. Also CreateSpace provides easy-to-use, free'Cover Creator' book jacket creation tool that lets you create a print-ready bookback. CreateSpace's website includes an application that allows you to load your covers and pictures into pre-designed artwork and use text and background colors that match your needs.

I have not used these artwork for my own book art - but it's interesting because it's free! N. B. I do not advise you to design your own artwork - let a pro do it. If you wish, CreateSpace will give you a free ISBN or your own ISBN for $10.

I would not advise you to use these ways if you want to get your book in brick and grocery shops, because booksellers will not look friendly on Amazon and see that your book is released and circulated by CS. It' also has the most amazing community forum where you can get help on all aspect of file reformatting, ISBN or channel comprehension and so on - it's also a great place to get to know someone who does the same as you!

There is a free preview gallery where you can get your book reviews from other members of CreatingSpace or friends/family members. You will only have to pay for your first copy of the copy (in my case that was $2.31 + UK postage)* (b) You will also have the opportunity (now free) to choose other sales outlets beyond Amazon.com and the CreationSpace e-store - but at much lower license fees: See the section on Extended Distributions below.

If you want the opportunity to persuade brick and grout dealers to store or order your book, I wouldn't suggest using Amazon's expanded distribution channel - I'll discuss that below. Writers who subscribe to the CreateSpace Pro Plan (see above) can have their works shared through Createspace's Createspace Enhanced Distribution Channel (EDC).

There is a full EDC statement here, but in short, it means that your book will be made available to major US distributors and will again be contained in datafeeds going to the major US booksellers and US on-line merchants (beyond Amazon) - I believe they will ultimately go beyond that on a global scale, although the page on CS does not specifically say so.

There' are two things why I don't use this sewer and why you have to be careful first: *1/ You' re earning much lower licensing fees than your non-EDC purchases because Amazon subtracts 60% of the selling channels from your inventory prices, as opposed to 40% subtracted from your free automated Amazon.com entry (and 20% subtracted for eBooks on the CreateSpace e-store).

If you select this canal, although your book will find its way to the advanced datafeeds sent by Ingram (which bookstores see on their systems), brick and grout bookstores will see that all orders they place will be executed by Createspace and may not be ready to order your book due to the Amazon-connectivity.

Therefore, I suggest using CreateSpace for Amazon.com and Amazon EU/UK and then either Lightning Source or Ingram Spark for everything else if you want bookstores to be susceptible to ordering your work. If you don't choose CS's extended sales channel, you can use the same ISBN for your book with Lightning Source or Ingram Spark.

When you use the extended CS redistribution and then choose LS or IS, you would have to use a new ISBN for LS or IS that would generate two data sets for your book and would be very puzzling. I am not using CS's Amazon EU/UK canal for The Secret Lake and Eeek at the moment[Dec 2014] because this canal did not existed when I published these volumes.

At present LIGHNING SQURCE is supplying these two volumes to Amazon UK. However, I will soon activate this canal via CS, as my titles are regularly displayed as out of print at Amazon UK. I already use Amazon.com and the Amazon EU Canal for Henry Haynes and The Great Escape and never see share-outs.

I use Lightningource for everything else outside of Amazon to make sure that other bookstores are open for ordering my book. If you read below, please remember that I was an early adopter from self-editing here in the UK and since then Lightning Energy has developed the Ingram Spark label, which is the easiest way to get around Createspace for most.

The LS is more for publishers than for single writers, and you will find more manual work with Ingram Spark - and in the end have the same range as with LS. LS's only advantage instead of Ingram Spark is that you have more choices when adjusting your rebates - but the ease of using Ingram Spark (I've heard) is probably a better option for you - especially if you're just now.

There are good reason to consider Lightning South UK for self-publishing your book in the UK: Remember, if you use LS, it is unlikely that your book will be selected by the major UK bookshops as a supply. That is because they are expecting a rebate of at least 35% from their vendors - the latter are the British distributors (such as Gardners, Bertram's, Baker and Taylor), who in turn buy from Lightningource.

I chose a 45% rebate, so I expect that book shoppers in the shops will still receive a 30-35% rebate after the wholesale dealer has taken their share. In a few short months after the launch of The Secret Lake, seven twigs of Waterstones ordered my book after I had called them to show them the book on The Secret Lake's website.

When Lightning Sources is of interest, here is what they do and not at the hands-on stage when it comes to preparing files: I mean a fundamental model that your illuminator can use with its illuminator pack to make sure your book art is properly placed with pictures and text within the cut line, the barcode is properly placed, and so on.

Lightning Sources is designed to work with professional - or self-publishers who can deliver print-ready data for up-loading. That is why I suggest that you try Ingram Spark if you are new to this area. When you are considering using Lightning Sources and preparing your freeware using CreateSpace artwork, make sure you select a cut length and color suitable for CreateSpace's capacitive calculation channel.

Since Lightning Sourcings prints most of the CreateSpace channels manuals - and the trimming values are set to match the Lightning Sources trimming values! I' ve had to waste a great deal of last minutes formatting The Secret Lake from 5. 06 x 7. 01 (the most popular UK book format for children) to 5. 25 x 8 - because I found out in small printing that the only thing that EDC and Lightning Energy - will be printing is the old book format on blank sheet and not on creme.

I sent memos to CreateSpace and Lightningource and suggested that they 5. 01? on cream-coloured sheet of papermaking wood, since it is the classical format for a children's book in Great Britain - I don't know if they will make it in due course! Especially the said, after sleeping at night (!) over compelled to vote a few centimeters above the standard, I can reassure you that my book does not attract attention like a wondrous thumbs in the children's bookstores because of its age.

Ingram Spark was founded in July 2013 and is a subsidiary of Lightning Sources ( "Lightning Source"), both of which are held by Ingram Conten. Obviously it provides a more user-friendly surface than Lightningource, but you are bound to a 55% or 40% rebate, which gives you either 45% or 60% license fees. That is compared to a 60% license fee for the CreateSpace default distributor or the option to define your own rebate with LightningSpace.

It seems unlikely that Ingram Spark will help you if you already work with LS because you have more flexible with rebates and the same outreach. However, if you are just getting started, I think that Ingram Spark in combination with CS is probably the right way - with the same ISBN and *not with CS's extended sales channel* as described above.

Compare the costs of CS vs. Ingram Spark printing run. Also at the case I did my investigation, the outgo to use it was statesman costly than mistreatment CreateSpace and Flash SOURCE - and I saw this remarked on quite a few meeting and blur.

However, I have also noted a number of British writers who have said that they are successfully using Lulu for their UK and CreateSpace for their US revenues, so it is definitely a good idea to check them out. Again, I know little about Blurb - again, because none of the bleed formats available were suited for the book format I needed.

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