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The Great Playwrights of History. ""There are many abandoned pieces in my drawers. " Shakespeare was once a new writer. Royal Court has an unwavering commitment to writers. It' time to put the spotlight on the latest writers in London's theatre scene.

The best dramatists of all times

This is a shortlist of the best dramatists ever, spanning all the sections and editions in the pieces they have written. Well-known dramatists such as William Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller are on this prestigious cast, as are contemporary dramatists who do not yet enjoy the same kind of acclaim as these great artists and their classical work.

Dramatists write dramatical works or a play and can be used as performances or cabinet theatre that are not staged and can only be seen as works of authors. Recognisable songs are mentioned by the author's name, such as "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare or "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller. You' ll even see that there are some of the most famous films featuring games from this series.

It is a questionnaire of the best playwrights: "Who is the best dramatist at all" and can be chosen by the reader to alter the order in which they appear at the top. Every dramatist is performed with a painting of himself and has some of his most popular works next to his name to make it easy to identify.

When you don't see a favourite or your favourite author on the dropdown menu, make sure you include him so others can take a vot.

playwright or actor

It is an important platform for new authors and for research into new trends in art and culture. The Hudson Review has had a significant influence on the global literary environment by rigorously adhering to its exacting quality criteria and its dedication to excellence in the written word. The publication of little-known or undetected writers, many of whom have become great personalities in the world of letters, has produced a remarkable balance sheet.

Every edition contains a broad spectrum of material: poems, literature, essay on literature and culture, books and journals on films, theater, dancing, literature, music and the fine arts. It not only covers the US culture but also international culture through periodical foreign articles and translation by authors from other nationalities.

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