Places to Write Online

Sites where you can write online

There are three places where you can write anonymously online. The first example is a water wizard I found online. It's similar to the Aqua Doodle. There are three great places to write. Turn your writing place into a special place so that when you enter it you are ready to work.

Tell us why you want to visit this place or not.

There are three places to write anonymously online

Do you want to write something that you want someone to see, but you don't want them to know that you have? and be sure it can't be tracked back to you? Nothing is imperfect, but here are three pages where you can open, write, post and leave a link.

You take various measures to safeguard the private sphere of users. This means that when you open a posting, the web server must request the data base to fill in the spaces on the page. It' ultra quick and ultra lightweight, with an encoded link, and it has a cute 80' style archaic look.

It''s easy. It' a side issue for a programmer and author, not a shop, so he has no interest in financially figuring out a way to make it. A very clear message, to be as free from persecutors as possible. Enciphered communication. It' financed by Pavel Durov, the bloke who ripped off Russia's Facebook, UK.

Whilst it was allegedly designed for the private sphere, the cryptography on its message application has remained much to be wanted, Gizmodo reports. It may not be, but it's disturbing. When you' re only looking for a place to write without having to log in, Telegraph is the most attractive feature on this page.

Enciphered communication. There is no special data protection policy for Telegraph. This means when you look at the page sources for the website, it doesn't look like it has tracker and other garbage on it, but it's difficult to say. Disadvantage - it is a side issue for the author and he is not quite sure if his encoding is absolutely safe.

Encoded messages. Use the TOR web interface for all these scripts, just to block all tracker that may have a tag. It is the O.G. of the pages to write anonym text. To be honest, it's not surprising, but it would be insane not to say so. It is a login-free text edit.

When you ever need to write something down and don't have a pen or a piece of writing material at hand, this page opens much, much quicker than Microsoft Word.

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