Places to Submit Poetry for Publication

Venues for the submission of poems for publication

For the original list of "Best Places to Submit Poetry" click here: Which is where you submit a formal verse. "prefer short poems in free verse" and do not publish genre poetry. You can browse publications that are paid for your letter. I would like to submit the following poetry:.

Let me see the $$$$$$! Literature journals that are profitable

Having released more than sixty editions, AGNI has gone through many reincarnations in his thirty-five years, among them his term in Antioch, as a Western Massachusetts based personal publication, and since 1987 at Boston University, backed by the Grad. Cultural Writing Program. Nine pennies a week for literature; $5-$50 for poetry.

Ilyas Khan, the Asia Literary Review publisher, is managed by Duncan Jepson and her editing staff, who are publishing the best texts from and about Asia on line and in printed form. Belles lettres get 5 cent per words. Founded in 1974 by the University of Alabama's MFA Program of Creativity at the University of Alabama.

This magazine produces poems, literature, non-fiction and artwork by Pulitzer Prize laureates, national book prize laureates and young authors. SWR will pay an annual membership and a flat rate for all works public. Blvd endeavours to produce only the best in literature, poetry and non-fiction (essays, in-depth interview, etc.). Whilst we often release authors with earlier credentials, we are very interested in releasing less skilled or unreleased authors with extraordinary promises.

Cameram Obscura is a biennial independant literature magazine and an online haunted magazine with literature and photograph. Participants are both wellestablished and aspiring authors and photographs. $1000 will be awarded to the author of a novel chosen for publication in each edition, as defined by the editorial staff.

Each story is qualifying. Capilano Review has a long tradition of releasing new and existing works by emerging cancer authors and performers who experiment with or expand them. We also have websites of authors and internationally renowned artist. The North Vancouver-based Pierre Coupey in 1972 continued its initial mission of promoting the literature and graphic art alongside the risk-taking, challenging, innovating and discordant.

Contributor will receive $50 per page up to a $300-limit. At Carve, we strive to publicize excellent literature and encourage the creators we release to help both new, aspiring and mature creators achieve a broader literature view. Achieve this by exchanging their histories across a wide range of publication media: on-line, printed, e-readers and more.

Although we cannot give a clear answer to every entry, we will definitely try. In our opinion, we provide comments and reviews on tales that are almost in line with our visions, and we find that the selection is finally rather personal and many-sided. Crazyhorse's missions are to release the full range of contemporary literature, poetry and poetry - from the principalstream to the avant-garde, from the incumbent to the unexplored author.

The Driftwood Press is a biannual literature journal established in Tampa, Florida in 2013. Their publications include literature, poetry, photographs, graphical narratives, literature reviews and in-depth interview. Afford $10 per verse; $40 per history; payment for fine art varies. We are always pleased to receive new, undesired works in poetry and notion. The payment is approximately $40$ per page released, plus two free copy of the edition with your work.

Georgia Review will pay all participants; the actual default rate is $50 per page of print for poetry and $4 per line for poetry. Gettysburg Review publishes the best poems, novels, essays, essay and arts on topics that are as physical as they are intellectual and emotional. We are looking for authors who can make the speech in a contemplative, unexpected and nice way and who have something to say that is quite special, regardless of the topic or the aesthetical angle.

The fee is $2.50 per line for poetry and $30 per page for fiction. It is featured in the latest issues of the Pushcart Prize, New Stories from the Midwest, O.Henry, New Stories from the South, Best of the West and Best American Short Stories anthologies. This Malahat Review is devoted to written form of Excellency.

His goal is to identify the most up-and-coming new authors, to promote their works with the best authors, to present them precisely and in an attractive way, and to raise general consciousness of written Canadians through sensitive criticism. We' re buying first class production licenses and paying $30 per page if accepted.

Missouri Review, established in 1978, is one of the most respected literature journals in the United States and for thirty-four years we have had a reputable track record of identifying and releasing the best authors first. Situated at the University of Missouri, we produce four editions each year.

Every edition contains about five new tales, three new poems and two etchings, all chosen from undesired contributions by authors from around the foreground. New Quarterly is a journal for French literature, poetry and conversations, mainly about the writer's work. It is our mission to encourage aspiring authors by publicizing and supporting their works alongside those of incumbent authors we adore, and to create an editing environment in which both can be studied.

Attempts are made to reconcile serious examination of literature with games and inventiveness. We' re paying $250 on publication for a shorter and $40 per piece or'postscript' film. The ninth letter is issued semi-annually at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. We' re interested in poetry and poetry that experiments with forms, narratives and non-traditional themes, as well as more conventional work.

The ninth letter will pay $25 per page of print, on publication, for approved materials, and two free copy of the edition in which the work will appear. Pedestal Magazines is the novelist and businessman John Amen's work. Mr. Amens' task for the publication is to launch a leading literature periodical that will appear solely on-line and present new and well known authors and fine artists.

Several bi-monthly editions contain extensive interview with an author and fine artists, along with samples of their work, as well as poems, literature and non-fiction by authors from around the globe. Tariff: $. 05 a week. Every edition is printed in high-quality pocket books in April, August and December and is issued by a celebrity author who deals with his or her own vision, aesthetic and literature.

Publication fee: $25 per printed page, $50 per song, $250 max. per writer, with two issues and an annual pass. It publishes literary works, poems, essay critiques, interview, book review and extracts from current books with a focus on modern American and international music.

Southern Review will pay $25 per page of print with a $200 limit for poetry and $125 for poetry, plus two issues of the edition in which the work is published and an annual pass. The Subtropics tries to release the best literature, essay and poetry today published by both well known and aspiring writers.

The works of art are fictional of any length, from shortfilms to novels (up to 15,000 words) and independent novel-episodes. There is the same scope for essay writing. The work we do in the field of translations is appreciated and from times to times we publish important and convincing tales, articles and poetry that are out of stock.

Subtropics will pay a lump sum of $1,000 ($500 for a shortfilm ) for the first series in North America for story and series. On the pages, the essay, brief story, interview, poem and photograph explores the challenge we face and the moment we face it.

From $300 to $2,000 for essay and interview, $300 to $1,500 for literature and $100 to $500 for poetry, the amount being based on length and qualitiy. The Sycamore Review is the Purdue University's international literature magazine. The SR produces poems, literature and non-fiction as well as interview, review and arts.

The SR aims to release the best texts by new and existing authors and to offer an on-line platform for animated literature discussions. The Sycamore Review will pay each participant two books and $50 per feature book or a $25 per poetry. turn-rowis is a semi-annual magazine that produces non-fiction of general interest, feature films, poetry, graphic arts and interview.

Every edition contains a 16- to 24-page colour supplement of the plastic arts. Besides the general quest for all kinds of subtle works, turn-row looks for non-fiction books by those who are not primarily authors, for works by authors who write from their normal genres, and for non-fiction books that provide an interface between academia and the arts.

The Vestal Review is a feature film journal. There are several different ways to define what a flash-story is, and they all have their merits. We define a flash story as no longer than 500 words and has an action. The majority of styles, except for childrens romanticism, syrup romanticism or tough sci-fi, are acceptable, and we like humour.

Tales up to 100 words (untitled) - 10 cent per words; tales between 101 and 200 words - 5 cent per words; tales between 201 and 500 words - 3 cent per words; tales of great earnings get up to $25 lump sum; 3 cent per words is a minimal wage in any case.

The bi-annual West Branch journal features poems, literature, essay and recension. West Branch, established in 1977, appears every year in the Bucknell University Stadler Center for Poetry. Further publication hints.

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