Places to Submit Poetry

Poetry Submission Places

The LOST iN / All year round / Local fiction. Willing to submit, but wondering where? The About Place Journal is the literary publication of the Black Earth Institute.

Top 5 places to submit your poems

Willing to submit, but wonder where? There is no fee for all items on our mailing lists and they can be submitted at the same time. In a rush, have a look at our great places to submit your poetry if you don't like waiting. Thirst Poetry - seeks poetry from up to one page with powerful images, emotions and interesting expression.

Nominated for most top honors, manuscripts and accolades, they try to reply to all entries within 10 working day of receiving them, and they give feedbacks on the entries if possible. Rust + Moth - is open all year round and publishes poetry as it is accepted. They collect the poetry on their website four a year in printed and on-line publications.

Proud of their fast turn-around times (a unique and precious feature in an illuminated magazine), they are nominated for the Pushcart Award and Best of the Net. dime-show review - this magazine has also created our flash-fiction-magazine. You are publishing on-line and in printed form and nominating for the Pushcart Award.

Yes, Poetry - contains three verses per quarter and interview with each one. You will also periodically release poetry between editions, among them the #NotTrump range. Sofblow - this magazine has been around since 2004 and only makes poetry, incl. poetry for prop. As a rule, they react within a few short periods of time and often within a few working hours after deposit.

Span > Span > Span > href ="" rel ="noopener" target ="_blank">Click here for the initial Best Places to Submit Poetry list: A" literature magazine ranking" by John Fox

Many thanks to John Fox for compiling this astonishing listing of the best places to submit music. In fact, he went through 5 years (2011 - 2015) of the Anthologie The Best American Poetry to see where the poetry had initially been released. This resulted in a number of 147 literature journals.

Taking this inventory one notch further, I made sure that the illuminated magazine was still there, verified their levels of payments and whether they were charging entry fee or not. He' s telling his storyline on the About page and provides some unbelievable resource for authors, such as the Best Places to Submit Poetry page and other ranking lists like 100 Best Literary Magazines for Fiction.

Here are my fixes to his mailing lists with all important information, levels of payments and whether they usually require registration or not. There are no charges for most of them and many pay the market. As with the orginal articles, the literature journal with the most poetry is the first in the anthology and the one with only one last.

See the Genuine Story for more information on how the mailing lists were first made. Please be aware that some of them may not be open for submission at this time. When using Duotrope, you can follow most of the data for most readings by selecting the small bright green tracking symbol in the Submission Periods section.

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