Places to Post Poetry

Post Poetry Places

Prepare to send many, many submissions and receive many, many rejections. The Instagram is probably not the best place to post your poems. Several of the links in this article are provided by our sponsors.

Popular place for poems and tales

We' re one of the oldest poetic - and prose-posting pages on the internet. We' re dedicated to all literary work. This is where you can compose poems, shorts, essay and even whole novels! And if you like to browse, you will find some of the best writers on the Internet who cover almost everything.

There are poetry and story writing tutorials, story writing and story writing competitions. Journalists can create their own competitions and give points as awards. The works are provided with age suggestions by the originators. We use a dedicated e-mail system to help our members stay safe from spamming. E-mails are forwarded via the website. Non members can annotate and mail any writer.

There is no need to be a member to post comments or emails to writers, but to enter works, one must join. We' ve got three layers of membership: There is no obligation to pay contributions, but memberships bring more benefits. Goldmembership gives you more site benefits and only costs $10 for 3 month.

Fifty things to do with a poem

This was one of the handouts in my last Publish Your Poetry workshops. As authors who could not participate asked for a copy, I have chosen to publish it here. Send your poetry at least once a monthly to your favourite literature magazines. Send poetry to magazines that promote a topic. Take part in poetry competitions (3 or 4 per year).

Make (or have someone make a movie of you in which you read or perform a poet. Publish on You-Tube. Compose a poetry blogs, post samples of your poetry, information about the other 39 places where your poetry has come out, and a biography of your poetry itself. Use caution when publishing poetry that has not yet been released, as some writers are considered to be publishing on-line.

You can attach it to your normal page, but use it to post information about yourself as a poets, thoughts about poetry, information about where your poetry is posted or shown or you can post a poetry - with the same disclaimer as above. Collect your poetry in a chapterbook (shorter and with a theme) or as a full-length album.

Offering a free copy of an essay as a price in a fundraising auctions. Contacting a café or restaurant and offering to place your poetry on small table stalls - e.g. for the season, holiday, National Poetry Monday (April) or other'months' such as cardiacs. Suggest reading a poetry as an invitation to a get-together or gather.

Or you can ask the artists to tell you about their work. Reading/performing a poetry as part of a talentshow. Enrolment for an interview in a TV program about poetry, poets, how poetry can influence a thing, etc. Submit your application or volunteer to be contacted on a website about poetry, causes, native authors, etc.

Submit your poetry organic and some poetry to sites that offer poetry like West Poets. For more information click here. Read poetry alone or with like-minded writers in places such as bookshops, galleries or other places where regular poetry reading takes place or which may be willing to hold one. Publish a poetry on a poetry post or mailing list.

In Olympia there are at least 3 volumes of poetry. Utilise a place (like the Senior Center) to house a poetry panel and volunteer to find the poetry for it.

You can give a poetry as a present or a present to your family. Submit a poetry on a subject that is important to a politician. Offering to compose poetry for your loved ones or others - to remember an event such as a marriage, jubilee or closing ceremony. Take part in the poetry postcards monthly in August. Publishing a poetry in a periodical or newspaper or newsletter as has nothing to do with poetry: group, meals, domestic animals, care, etc..

If you are writing a poetry at a place of remembrance for a deceased one. Offer a poetry as a present to someone who is ill. To be a musician's companion and compose music. Or, if you can, compose your own music. Twitter a brief verse or a few poetical words. Browse or collaborate on poetry in a group or individually on your own in your own home group.

Create poetry about "places" such as a town, a wildlife area, a garden, and post or broadcast it to places connected to that place. Take part in a poetry meeting. Offers to the tutor of an incipient writer. You find a supervisor and you adore and work with him. Maintain a poetry book or journals only for yourself.

Type the thoughts and visions you have in the most memorable words and phrases you can find. Voluntary work in a women's refuge, an afternoon programme, in a jail or for another group. Include a poetry dialogue with another poet(s) where you are sending them one verse per months to honor/critize, and they will be sending you one.

If you are writing a poetry about an experiment you share with a colleague, you can also do so. I' ll tell them the poetry. Make a poet's mansion. Promise to compose one poetry a week for a whole year. Make an annual donation to a poetry event or organisation. Remember some of your own poetry and review it for yourself and others.

Visit at least one poetry meeting or one poetry class per year.

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