Picture Book Submissions

Textbook submissions

When you are considering submitting a picture book, read the picture books. To put it another way: Would you like to submit a picture book for viewing? Maybe a non-fiction book for children?


When you present your work to us, you should keep a certain kind of cooperation in view. To put it another way: Would you like to send in a picture book for inspection? Maybe a non-fiction book for kids? No matter what you are submitting, make sure it is consistent with what we actually do.

We' re going through a large number of submissions, so please try to be clear, whatever it is. For a long script or a long graphical novel, or even a finished picture book - that's all right, please attach it.

Please include a brief abstract and outline of your projects in your e-mail so that we can quickly check the overall picture before we get into most of the work. If it' s something we've never done before, if you think your projects match our key publishers' value, you' re welcome to do so!

  • Please ensure that your emails are less than 5 MB and preferrably less than 3 MB in size and that all pictures appended to your pitches are JPEG or JPEG files. - Please ensure that you enter your personal information, complete with your telephone number, so that we can get in touch with you if necessary.

Rules for submission: 1. 24 pages or 32 pages (history) with a maximum of 500 words (max. 1000) for picture-book. Parking spaces for up to 90 pages are accepted for children's non-fiction literature. A brief summary of the history and the full first text, which must be annexed, are required.

When submitting a picture book, the rest of the pages should preferably be worked out as a first sketch. At this time we do not accept open submissions for portfolios or website links. Thanks in anticipation for your tough work and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

Because of the number of entries we have received, it may take some amount of inconvenience before we get in touch with you, but we will get back to you as to whether or not you have successfully completed your bid.

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