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The Andersen Press is a specialized children's publisher. United Kingdom children's publishers who accept unwanted scripts An overwhelming number of book publishers only accepts entries via one frahling. There are, however, still some small/medium publishers who take entries without being asked, and the following publishers are publishing children's and YAs. Thoroughly review each policy. As a rule, areas of children's literature are thus subdivided: Passbooks/chapters - for kids from 7-10 years.

Less images, more text subdivided into 3/4-page sections. Intermediate / juvenile fun - for children from 8-12 years. Young-adults (YA) - from 12 years. There are no serious publishers (or agents) charging you. ANDERSEN PRESS - picture book on the fictional character up to 75,000 words. 2 to 3 months response.BLOOMSBURY SPARK - Published online only. Fictional 25,000-60,000 words.

E-mail Entries. The BUSTER Bookes - No picture-book. E-mail or mail. Published only eBook. age 8+ - age 8. There are no picture albums. E-mail Entries. FREQUENTLY DAVID frequently david fuckling - Currently shut down - see back for entry rules. fedgling press - e-mail entries. E-mail Entries. MAOGZILLA - ages 4-15 (45,000-75,000 words approximate guide).

Entries by e-mail or mail. myrridon - currently not open - see back for entry rules. The PHOENIX YARD - Age 3-13. E-mail submarines only. TRIDENT - Currently locked, look again later. Send a suggestion only primarily by e-mail.

The Andersen Press

Anderson Press is a specialized children's publishing house. The text of these picture albums contains about 500 words (maximum 1000), youth literature for which the text would contain about 3-5000 words and older literature up to 75,000 words. The company does not produce literature, non-fiction, poems or stories.

All entries should be sent on hard copy, by mail, together with a prepaid, address pad. Entries for picture books and illustrations should be sent to: Entries for all young and older literature must be submitted: Only one summary and the first three chapter. We do not ask you to e-mail any entries.

We' ll reply to every entry we get. You can find more information on the recently released Andersen Press titles on our website. Many thanks for your interest in Andersen Press.

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