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We prefer a complete manuscript for children's books. Her children's book has been revised and edited so that it can be published now! You support Australian writers and illustrators and are particularly interested in non-fiction and children's books. We are the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the United States. We're still building our book list.

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This is followed by US and foreign publishing houses that automatically accepts (unsolicited) textbook scripts or illustration and often other kidlite and literary styles. Please adhere to the publishing house's rules when you submit your request, your script or your illustration. It is sometimes "literary" worth following directives. Belletristic & non-fiction search with up to 1,000 words for 1-8 year-olds.

Different Press (Submission Guidelines) A British publishing house that only accepts scripts by post with a CASE. Arbordal Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Search for literature manuals with non-fiction interwoven into history, although some non-fiction is also included. arsur A. Levine boys (Submission Guidelines) An impressum of Scholastic. They' ask you to submit only one request at a stretch and review their accounts to see if your entry is consistent with their mailing lists.

Publishing August House (Submission Guidelines): "Tales from verbal traditions, tales from different civilizations, frightening tales, and resources related to telling tales in class. "Acceptance of entries by post only. The Bailiwick Press (Submission Guidelines) In search of fun, multi-layered writers, such as their Aldo Zelnick family.

Use your on-line registration sheet. The Behrman House (Submission Guidelines) provides teaching material, textbooks, apps, and curriculum for K-12 students in the formally and informally oriented school. We also welcome material for adults' learning, scholarly history (especially tales for children), shaggadot and sidewurim, and literature of scholarly interest on any subject.

Boyd's Mills Press (Additional Submission Guidelines) welcomes contributions from unreleased authors and illustrations. Specialist books department of Highlights for Children. Brandy Lane Publishers, Inc. Submission Guidelines) Particularly interested in scripts (in almost all genres) that foster and foster empathy, toleration and goodwill, enhance the life of individuals and societies in the United States and around the world, protect the environment, and educate on human wellbeing.

Publish Texan and Texan literature and literature of interest to those living in Texas, a varied, open place with a wealth of culture and great histories. Scroll down to the artwork at the end of Candlewick's "Contact Us" page, which is listed above.

Search for new writers and graphic designers who are only interested in commissioned work. The Cedar Fort (Directives de soumission) Cherche l'Église de Jésus-Christ des Christ des lattes (LDS)/Livre d'images chrétien pour enfants de l'âge de 0 à 8 ans avec ables. Charlesbridge (Submission Guidelines) publishes boards, storybooks, picture-posters, early and medium sized novels with vivid, plot-driven storylines and powerful, captivating personalities at the age of 0-14 years.

The specialized literature concentrates on natural sciences, mathematics/science, sociology, art and diversity/multicultural subjects at the age of 0-14 years. Accept entries by post only. chrononicle book (submission guidelines) Search for project with a singular inclination to themes, typing or illustration techniques, literature and non-fiction for kids of all age groups, as well as boardbooks, deck, activity kit and other uncommon or "novelty" styles.

Accept templates by post only. If you submit to other publishing houses at the same time, you must inform them in your covering note. The Covenant Publishing (Submissions) publishes volumes that reflect the virtues of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), which includes children's literature, adults' literature and non-fiction, vacation guides, gifts and other items.

your suggestions to Creston Boks (Submission Guidelines): When it comes to a shared topic in children's literature (alphabet, colours, first days at primary and secondary schools, brother and sister rivalries, etc.), you know what other literature is available on the same topic. Unless you have a powerful, unmistakable motive, your product will not be competitive in a crammed environment.

The Dawn Publications (Submission Guidelines) is a publishing house specialising in nonfiction. Her natural conscious songs - almost always illustrated textbooks - should inspire a respectable involvement and esteem forature. East-West Discovery Press (Submission Guidelines) Search for multilingual and bi-lingual children's literature, mostly with illustration, focusing on a convincing culture or multiculture topic and other specific issues of relevance to their needs.

Eerdman's Eerdmans and Eerdman's Eerdman Book for Young Readers (Submission Guidelines) To celebrate the 100th anniversary of "the finest ofthe religion literature". "Accept entries by post only. Farrar, Straus & Giroux and Giroux for Younger Readers Imprint of the Macmillan Children's Publishing Group. Accept entries by post only. Publishes only fictitious storybooks for 4-8 year old kids.

The submission of photo books should have a general topic, should be concerned with familial or societal questions. Her scotch children's photo books line Pictures Kelpies is designed for kids from 3 to 6 years old. Entries must be in some way Scots - Scotch topics, Scots settings, Scots personalities or by a Scots writer/illustrator.

International publishing house for literature and non-fiction for kids. Legal notice of Nobrow Press. Search for powerful non-fiction suggestions and study material for kids, young people, adults, teachers and consultants in these categories: Search for illustrators (and literature writers) from Canada for Groundwood and House of Anansi (Submission Guidelines).

I' m not looking for picture-book scripts. The Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. Both an eBook and a printed publishing house that sells and sells your eBook around the world and in some brickwork and grout shops. Entries can be submitted from August 1 to August 31, 2018. The Hogs Back and Submission Guidelines A small British publishing house specialising in illustrated textbooks for the under-10s.

Vacation Home(Submission Guidelines)(Holiday House Publishing, Inc. recently relocated. #301, New York, NY 10004) Editors of young people's literature, from children's pictures to young adults, both literature and non-fiction. Please note that you must only take the deposit by post. Only Versify (a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Book for Young Readers Impressum by Newbery Medalist Kwame Alexander) currently accepts unasked entries.

accepts PreK-5 illustrators, blackboard, storybook, chapterbook, intermediate and graphical novel templates. Especially interested in hybrids that mix literature with non-fiction, but also welcome conventional literature and non-fiction templates. Cane Miller EDC Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Interested in storybooks with captivating character, especially those with particularly US motifs.

Publishers: Kar-Ben Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Accept literature and non-fiction with topics on Jews for them. Kid's Can Press (Submission Guidelines) For Canada Authors/Illustrators only. Search for textbooks and non-fiction for childrens, as well as chapters for childrens aged 7-10 years. The Lee & Low Book (Submission Guidelines) concentrates on multi-cultural topics.

Its aim is to satisfy the need for colour literature for young people by offering cultureally genuine works that appeal to all audiences. Learner Manuals (Submission Guidelines) Accepts textbook illustration. We do not approve undesired entries. From time to time a call for papers may be announced on their blogs.

Legal notice of Kar-Ben Verlag. Adopts Little Bee Book (Artist Submission Guidelines) Icons. The Little Bigfoot, A Sasquatch Book Impressum (Submission Guidelines) publishes covers of Northwestern Pacific history and literature from the region's mind that appeals to kids everywhere. The Little Tiger Press (Submission Guidelines) UK publishing house is open only to contributions of certain categories at certain hours of the year.

Can be more open to submitting Illustrators. Review the entry rules. MacLaren Cochrane Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Consideration of scripts for publishing after 2020. The acceptance of children's illustration is only possible at this point in the year. Your textbooks are available in dystrophic writing. The Magination Press Children's Publications, American Psychological Association (Submission Guidelines) publishes psychology-based textbooks on issues that affect kids and young people, which include day-to-day issues such as early schooling and the increasing number of families, as well as more serious mental, social, clinical or health issues such as separation, mental health, mental health, mental health, fear, asthma, attentional issues, mobbing, and more.

This is Maverick Children's Book (Submission Guidelines) UK Verlag, which accept textbooks with a max. length of 650 words. Midnight Sun Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Aussie publishing house that accept all categories of work. Accept entries by post only. O'Brien Press LTD (Submission Guidelines), based in Dublin, Ireland, publishes mainly children's literature, children's literature and non-fiction for adults.

The Owlkids and Owlkids Submission Guidelines are for Canada only. Looking for non-fiction, early chapters, literature and illustrated literature for kids from 2 to 13 years of age from Canadians. Street Publishing Co. Publish children's literature that focuses on new talents and artistically minded image literature in all styles from 4 to 8 years old, bios from 8 to 12 years old, occasional boardbooks from 0 to 3 years old, and visual concepts literature.

The Pajama Press (Submission Guidelines) A publishing house in Canada looking for illustrated textbooks, early chapters, medium-sized literature and modern or historic literature for 12-14 year old readership before high scholas. We are also looking for scripts from writers of different origins. It does not consider entries from outside North America. Although they generally do not release children's photo albums, they generally accepted photo manuals for Advent/Christmas or Fasting/Easter.

Wiseman Paula Wiseman Scripts. Important note: Search for contributions from new and released writers and performers only through the following 2 sources: Premier Atlantic Publishers of children's and toddlers' literature to teenagers (General Writer's Guidelines).

The publisher Töchter des St. Paulus assesses Manuscripte zur Einhaltung der Werte des Evangeliums und der katholischen Tradition. 3. You are not in favour of submission at the same time. Accepts uncalled submitted scripts and works of artwork in children's and non-fiction literature. Acceptance of entries only by post. The Pelican Publishers (Pelican's Children's List) (Submissions) Search for textbooks for kids aged 5-8 years.

Acceptance of entries only by post. You do not agree to receive repeated (simultaneous) or emails. Search for a manuscript that reflects a broad spectrum of writers and graphic designers from around the word and focuses on under-represented, undiscovered or neglected parts. In search of a committed worldview, both in the layout of her textbooks and in her illustration.

The Persnickety Press (Submission Guidelines) Impressum of the Cornell Lab Publishing Group, which produces a wide variety of literature for kids and young people, both literature and non-fiction, from storybooks to teens. The Piñata Book, An Arte Público Press Impressum (Submission Guidelines: Click on Kontakt Us then Submit a Manuscrpt) Searches for an authentic and realistic depiction of topics, personalities and traditions that are unparalleled in the US Spanish cultural world.

Kid's Book (Submission Guidelines) In search of eye-catching, creative, funny and unusual work. Active search for scripts that represent different personalities, cultural backgrounds, identity and viewpoints. Eaters Reader (Submission Guidelines) publish textbooks, inclusively image product low 1,500 speech that elasticity a crisp, joke appearance on what we are consumption and how we are consumption finished advantage message, bonny oeuvre and a middle approval of substance taste.

The Ripple Grove Press- Submission Guidelines Search for image-driven storytelling for 2-8 year olds who are one-of-a-kind, interesting tales that capture a moments with a sense of timelessness. Second-story and submission guidelines Feministic Canada based media focused on the writings of written articles by Brazilian canadians. Search for scripts that deal with the many different facets of girls' and women's life, as well as the issues of societal equity, variety and child emancipation.

Scholastic (Submission Guidelines) Search for unasked suggestions in the field of specialized literature only for teachers and pre-service undergraduates ("K-8" class). The Scholastic Professionell Book releases 80-100 K-8 publications annually. Penguin Random House Impressum, which produces 15-20 books/year (mainly illustrated and other children's books).

They' re advising you to check their library lists before you submit them to make sure your work suits them. Accept entries by post only. Skypony Press (Submission Guidelines) Post textbooks on young adults. Childrens print of the mother comany Skyhorse Publishing. The Starfish Bay Children's Booking (Submission Guidelines) publishers of image guides for kids from 3 - 8 years.

You are welcome to receive contributions from previously unreleased and renowned writers. Swarovski Publishing (Submission Guidelines) produces literature and non-fiction, which includes classic works, illustrated textbooks, jokes and new products, as well as infant and young children's book. Your Dash Kids Legal Notice releases worksheets and study maps for pre- primary, primary and secondary education in the areas of literacy, mathematics, typing, test prep etc.

Accept entries by post only. Knorr-Bremse Templar Publishing (Submissions Guidelines) A British enterprise. Accept only hardcopy entries (no e-mail submissions) of news and photo albums. The Tilbury House Publishers (Submissions Guidelines) is interested in non-fiction textbooks that address kids (5-10 years), illustrated textbooks that investigate culture, wildlife, environment, biographies, sciences and technology.

The focus is on topics from all over the globe. Publish textbooks for or about disabled kids and teenagers with special needs (Submission Guidelines: scrolling down to Submissions). The Workman Publishing (Submission Guidelines) Browse for non-fiction for kids (but not unasked for textbooks). For more information about the publisher: Publishing Marketplace You can look for publishing houses by choosing genres and specialties, e.g. literature, youth literature.

Publiclishers Weekly Children's Bookshelf Current information about kidslit publishing houses and related activities, includes photoebooks.

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