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How much has Amazon's new free software changed the game? Photo Book Maker - Choose characters and props to create a beautiful picture book. Free Book Creator" software to simplify the compilation of a book considerably. Wellcome to the Amazon Book Creator App. Lettering with pictures: How to write and illustrate children's books Uri Shulevitz.

Publishing a picture book for free: 13 easy to follow pics (with pictures)

When you ever wanted to release a picture book for children, but couldn't get anyone to take you seriously, things are different. It' now possible (quite easily) to release on Kindle electronic (which can be viewed on Windows 8, Android, iPad and Kindle devices). In September 2014 Amazon published the Kindle Kids' Book Creator free of charge to make compiling a book much easier. https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html? docId=10029.....

Using my restricted graphic abilities, I did illustration work and assembled the pack in a few workdays. Stage 1: First of all, make your history and pictures. Full Kindle is 2540 x 1600 pixel. When you use something like Photoshop Elements, you can insert your own text into the image.

Use the Kindle Kids' Book Creator application to create text. Stage 2: Stage 3: Select "Create new book" and then enter the name of the book name, the name of the book writer and the name of the book's name. Stage 4: Select the alignment for your book. I' ve chosen "Landscape". "Stage 5: After selecting horizontal format, I had to select between "two portrait" pages or a "landscape" page on the horizontal page.

I' ve chosen the countryside. Stage 6: While you (if you did everything perfect in a single document ) downloaded the document and finished the whole procedure, I decided to go one by one ( "it's a picture book with a finite number of pictures"). Stage 7: Choose the title screen.

Stage 8: Under " Insert page " insert your first page. Stage 9: To adjust the picture on the computer monitor, I entered "45" in the small square in the top right hand side area. When your picture does not contain text, click "Add text" (top left) and you can specify the typeface, colour and location of your text.

Stage 10: Select "Add page" and insert the next page. Stage 11: When you have finished pasting the pages, go to "File" and select "Save for publication". "Stage 12: Your book is now finished. You will be asked for the just generated data set. In order to be able to sell your creations and get bonuses, you will need to enter an adress, a VAT number (social insurance number) and banking information if you wish to deposit the revenue directly.

Stage 13: You will be asked to specify a fee (although there is an automatic support guide). The license fee is 70% of the total cost minus shipping costs (the more Megabyte your book, the less license fees) or 35% without shipping costs. My--my book, indexed at $2. 99, generates about $1. 85 to me.

Her book will be published "live" (available worldwide) within a few moments to 24 hrs (mine took about 30 minutes).

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