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British frahlings for children's literature After my long queue of children's publishing houses that accepted unasked scripts, I thought I would publish a queue for those who submit children's literature to agents, as I was considering this path for one of my stories and I thought others might find it of use. Editor or operative? We know that there are not many children's publishing houses (or even adults) that currently accepts unannounced scripts, but on the other side small publishing houses are more willing to take a risk on a stranger than on an agents.

A few folks are arguing that if you are approaching publisher first, then the media is not able to file with them, but to my minds there are such a small number of publisher you can near that I don't think this would be a problem. ÿ To my minds there are such a small number of publisher you can not. Once you have chosen the agents itinerary, this is not an exclusive listing of agents, but gives you a clue.

For the complete list of British agents, see the Writers and Artists Yearbook or Writers Handbook. You' ll find that agents react faster than publishing houses because they're always looking for the next groundbreaking book. Before you submit agents, consider these points:

Thoroughly examine the agency's website. Gain a sense of the kind of work they like and the writers they work for. Link to the submission requirements pages are contained in this mailing lists. Ensure that you follow the submission policy or run the risks of the reader's anger!

While some agents do not take e-mails, others are paper-free and are recycling all scripts they get. Make a notation as to whether the agencys only wishes to contact the agencys. Some do not approve of picture book publishing, others only recommend reading for older or youth. When your script is returned home or to your mailbox with a letter of refusal, please return it the next morning to the next name on your docket.

After ten years with David Higham, Alice Williams recently founded her own studio and currently works for seven children's authors and eight illustrated people. You should use your submission forms and the directions to enter or insert a cover note and a summary and enclose your model paragraph.

Andreyn A Boutique-Frahlingur, Andreyn concentrates on the care of a few selected writers in various theatres. Davinia Andrew-Lynch is looking for booklets, chapterbooks, junior high and young adults, incl. graphical fiction, but currently no picture-posters. Locate something that "beats between our eyes and conquers our hearts" and submit it to the e-mail on the submission page (cover note, one page summary and the first three chapters).

Andrei ManThis London based agent has two agents and a large number of customers, among them children's author. If possible, you want to submit an e-mail with a short summary that will be attached to the e-mail and the first three chapter or forty pages. You are not currently looking for picture-book. Andréw Nurnberg This London based office also has a number of branches abroad.

You have over eighty writers in your textbooks, among them Cornelia Funke. Please mail or e-mail a cover note, a summary and the first three sections to the submission page. When sending an e-mail, the summary and chapter should be a single attached file. Please, no picture book.

Have a look at an interviewee with Jenny Savill on Talltalesandshortstories.blogspot.com. Piccadilly Press' Anne Clark Frahlingur Anne Clark has established an advertising company specializing in writers for kids and YA and is expanding rapidly. Sending a cover e-mail with a simple Word summary and the first 3000 words.

You can send picture book as full text. She has a preference for the individual approach to customers and therefore for British or British writers. This is an independant company that is proud of its own services between agents and writers. You have two agents and over sixty customers.

You are accepting novels for older kids and teens (preferably not sci-fi or fantasy), by mail or e-mail, and you should write a cover note or e-mail, a short summary and the first five to ten thousand words. Anthony Harwood Antony Harwood has a large listing of high caliber writers who write in many areas, most notably children's music.

You should receive your manuscript by mail or e-mail; you should write a cover note, a short summary and the first 50 pages. This is a large company with over 70 customers working in the field of adults' literature, non-fiction and children's literature for all age groups, among them picture book agencies, Helen Mackenzie Smith.

For the first three sections, please include up to 50 pages (full text with example images, if available, for a picture book), a brief summary and a cover note. Sending materials by e-mail or mail is possible and the reply period is 8-12 week. No, it's not the intelligence of the literature business (or is it...??) - it's the young, vibrant Frahlingur of Ben Illis, formerly of AM Heath.

Send the submission page to which you can add your summary and example pages and you should return within 2-month. There are no picture book lets. You can find an article about Ben on the Golden Egg Academy website. This is a Frahlingur leader who works very selectively.

You have two agents and a large client base. Send by e-mail (although mail is also acceptable) either to Caroline or Felicity Trew (read about them on the website) and include a summary and the first three sections. When the book contains less than ten thousand words, you can enter it as a whole or up to three picture-book entries.

This is a small agent and twenty-seven writers who hire only one or two new writers a year. You have a very special way of submission: a separate e-mail to which you should write a short e-mail, and a small example of your work that will be inserted into the e-mail itself (no attachments).

This large, incumbent advertising company has six agents for adult and children's literature and over eighty writers. Send your cover note, summary, and the first three sections by e-mail to the appropriate agents by browsing their pages and using their e-mail contacts. You are encouraging writers to approach other publishers at the same times, but you should indicate whether your script has been or is being fully reviewed by someone else.

They' re not looking for picture-book. The Curtis Brown Curtis Brown is a large, traditional advertising company with a large number of customers from the fields of literary, TV, movie and theater. You have a new submission system on your website and no longer accepts mail. Create a cover note, a summary of no more than 3,000 words and the first 10,000 words of your script and use the instructions in the above hyperlink to directly submission - do not e-mail it.

and you can see my personal statement here. A Darley Anderson Children's Book Office spin-off, devoted exclusively to children's writers, has nine of them in its publications and receives entries by e-mail or mail. Submit a cover note, a summary and the first three sections.

You want to reply within one and a half months and want to receive a reply exclusively. This is a large, longstanding, experienced writing team. Please send mail only for works for adults, but in the case of children's scripts you should send by e-mail only to the indicated e-mail adress.

Your e-mail should take the shape of a cover note with a summary, the first two or three sections and a CV. You will receive picture albums (send the whole manuscript). See an interviewer William Hussey and commentaries by Veronique Baxter in the Tale Tales and Shorts Stories bog.

This is a small company that mainly focuses on children's literature. You will be asked to send them the latest submission information by e-mail. Currently, they will not approve entries until after 1 October 2013. If they are open, they only receive e-mails and should respond in six to ten wards.

This small Eve White has a good number of contributors, among them the bright Andy Stanton, writer of Mr. Gum novels. Approximately half of her creators are children's book publishers and she now accept picture-book. It is recommended that you only e-mail an e-mail with an appendix containing a short summary, the number of words and the first three sections.

No summary is necessary for a picture book. The work of Fraser Ross Fraser Ross Associates focuses mainly on children's authors and graphic designers. You have two agents and almost seventy customers. You will be accepted by mail or e-mail, which should include a summary, the first three sections and a written CV. Have a look at an interviewee with Fraser Ross customers Barry Hutchison and Teresa Flavin and commentaries by Kathryn Ross on the Tall Tales and Shorts Stories blogs.

Greenene & Heaton Greene & Heaton specializes in writers who are "prominent in their field". There are seven agents and around 150 writers as well as lecturers, moderators and graphic designers in their work. They can be submitted by mail or e-mail with a cover note, summary and the first three sections or about fifty pages.

You will attempt to answer a mailing within six a week with an SCE or e-mail contact, but you will not answer an e-mail unless you wish to continue your posting. This young U.S.-based consultancy also receives entries from the UK. You have two agents and over fifty customers.

You' d rather be a paper-free bureau, and you can e-mail them a brief summary, a few minutes about yourself and the first section or the first five pages, whichever is the shortest. All of this must be inserted into the text of an e-mail - no attachment is acceptable. This London based agent has four agents and a large number of customers.

It can be submitted by mail or e-mail and should include a cover note (or e-mail), a summary and the first three sections or the first fifty pages. You will not receive a response if you e-mail it unless your entry is followed up. You do not take picture book orders. Lucas Alexander Whitley or LAW is a small London based company that represents a large international bestseller group.

You will find a downloadable file with the submission instructions; the homepage is here. Entries - a cover note, a brief summary and the first three sections or the first thirty pages, if smaller - should only be submitted by mail and should be answered within eight to twelveweek.

If you want to return your work, please return an SEE; otherwise return a small cover or e-mail for an answer. You will also receive picture albums. This one women agent strives to create new talents and currently represent thirteen writers that you can mail or e-mail in. When you e-mail the first three sections and the summary as two separate Word-files.

You and your work should be presented in a cover note or an e-mail. They' re accepting picture albums. This relatively young consultancy aims to create new writers. You have four agents and a large number of customers. They should just mail them a cover note, a summary and the first three sections.

To not want your work back, enter an e-mail for the reply. Madleine Milburn A major London based advertising company that is active in the search for new children's author. There are 35 writers in their work and they also take care of TV and movie titles. Send by e-mail only with a brief summary and the first three sections.

When you send by e-mail, use an attachment instead of inserting work into the e-mail itself.

You have seven agents and a large number of playwrights, fourteen of whom are children's playwrights. Prefers e-mail submission, but also accepts mail; please submit a cover note, a summary and the first three sections. The Miles Stott Children's Literary Agency has four agents and acts for both author and illustrator. Concentrating exclusively on the writings of kids, from logbooks to young adults and inclusive of non-fiction, they look forward to hearing from both novice and mid-care-author.

Submissions are by e-mail only and the reply period is 4-6 working days. When you submit picture-book submissions, you submit up to three. This wonderful one-man business started as an illustrations company, but now also acts for writers and illustrated writers. You have two agents, one for the illustrator and one for the writer. The most popular types of picked ink are chapters, medium and young people's literature, but also picture-book titles, of which you should submit three or more.

Only by e-mail and await a reply between 6-8 s. This London based consultancy has around eighty writers in its novels, among them scriptwriters and graphic designers, and accepts only a few every year. Send them by mail only a cover note, a CV, a summary and the first three sections.

A childrens literature shop run by two professionals. I' m looking for everything from chapters to young adults. Please submit the complete script with a page overview and cover e-mail. A lot of useful information on the website, as well as instructions on what is in your cover note.

Bent is a large brokerage firm with a shop ethic and two agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. British agents Molly Ker Hawn and Gemma Cooper are both active in the search for new writers for kids and young adults, and you should study their biographies to find out what they are looking for and then check their particular e-mail adresses.

Please refer to the structuring of your request. The United Agents United Agents is a large literature and talents company with interests in many areas. She has written twenty-six of her numerous works for the young, among them Anthony Horowitz, Ali Sparkes, Rick Riordan and Ian Whybrow. You are welcome to e-mail your child's agents, comprising a cover e-mail with a summary and the first three sections as Word-files.

Picture-book author can submit three picture-books. When sending materials by mail, enter an e-mail for an answer. Watson, Little Watson, Little manage a broad palette of novelists and have three agents sharply focused on the development of their writers' long-term career. You ask for a cover note, a summary and samples, but you do not say whether or not you agree by e-mail, but if you do not attach an SEE, you will reply by e-mail.

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