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Note: Here you will find dozens of new and established agents looking for customers: Authors can query these agents for their children's stories or illustration work. Like always, make sure you do your own research before contacting an agent. Our aim is to promote extraordinary illustrated books, which are distinguished both by their content and their form - surprising, inspiring and entertaining. Agency, editor and publisher manuscript wish list.

Twelve frahlings looking for illustrated volumes NOW

Corcoran is president and founder of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and executive partner, branding & licensing for EverWitt Productions, a creator of movie and TV contents. In 2009, Jill opened the West Coast branch of the Herman Agency and then started the 2014 edition of it. He is the representative of many award-winning writers and graphic designers, among them the New York Times bestsellers, the former US Children's Poet Prize winner and Famous Monsters of Filmland/American Gothic Press.

Flannery Flannery established Flannery Literary in New York in 1992 after working in a Frahlingur in her home town of Minneapolis and then in the commercial division of HarperCollins. In 1997 Flannery relocated to the Chicago area. The Flannery Literature is looking for a powerful typeface, a one-of-a-kind perspective, a catchy storyline, a fascinating personality and a thoughtful predicament that a young readership would like to solve.

Lyric picture book. Insert the complete picture book text after the inquiry letters into your e-mail. For fourteen years Mary was Educational Principal at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, where she organised an annual children's literary event and chose her judge for the renowned McKnight Award in Children's Litererature.

Please contact b.amster. kidsbooks[at] gmail.com with inquiries for YA and children's music. In the case of picture book, please include the complete text in the text of your e-mail. Active in developing her own customer base, she is looking for grown-up literature writers and young people. Her work has worked in close collaboration with Jean Naggar and Jennifer Weltz on their publications, and with Jennifer Weltz on the international submissions of JVNLAs.

Laura's narrative backgrounds have sharpened her editing skills and fostered her passion for the discovery and development of talented writers. Her work has won the Kentucky Emerging Artist Award for Belles Lettres. On the website of Jean V. Naggar Literature there is a submit button. She is an operative with Frahlingur Bradford.

Natalie has been with Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra for almost four years and after a brief attempt to write writer portraits and book review for the San Diego Union Tribune, she became a member of the Bradford team in February 2011. Began as an internship at Writers House and Sterling Lord Literistic, where she fallen in love with the agencies side of editing.

Since 2009 Christa has been with McIntosh and Otis, Inc. in the children's literature department, where she works for all ages in children's literature. The Erica is a picture book by young adults and the casual non-fiction book projects for adults in the fields of education, humour and wellbeing. A NYC High-School English teacher and head frahlingin at Sterling Lord Literistic before coming to the recording studios in 2016.

An indefatigable intercessor for her customers, Erica is dedicated to keep great works of art going. Before becoming an operative, she was Executive Editor at HarperCollins Children's Booking, where she headed the children's department of the Rayo Imprintum. Previously, she was editor of Children's Reviews for Críticas Journal, edited by Library Journal.

She has worked as an editor for both children's and adults' publishing houses. A member of the Brooklyn Literary Council, which organises the Brooklyn Book Festival, and one of the founding members of the Comadres and Compadres Writers Conference in New York City. Verrillo has five publications, four with large publishing houses and one alone.

It blog about the publisher community, gives useful hints on how to get an agency, list agents looking for customers, as well as editors who accept scripts directly from authors, explain how to sell and support their work, how to set up their on-line platforms, how to get press coverage, how to post themselves and where to find marketplaces for their work in editing... and other forms of madness.

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