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An A-Jump Books is a small publishing house dedicated to the production of photo books that challenge convention through understatement and artistic rigour. As a non-profit publishing house, Aperture is dedicated to photography and the fine arts. Commented list of publishers who publish photo books. Photography and art books publisher. Please remember to carefully review the submission guidelines before contacting publishers.

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You will find a photo gallery with covers from the world of fine arts and film. It is a visual breathtaking and funny book by the Dane painter Søren Dahlgaard, who makes absurd profiles of humans with pastry -wrapped-faces. Successfully released, this book is a milestone in the story of photography.

The book is more than a monography about an individual painter, it deals with the state of portrait painting and the dangers to which portraitists and portraits are exposed.


For many years, photography has been an inherent part of our editorial program and we are proud to be a leader in the publication of state-of-the-art research, hands-on textbook and technical references, such as The Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photography: We have a lively and expanding photo database that covers a wide variety of subjects, such as engineering, technical, design, culture, surveying and references.

The Photobook - Seven independent publishers to see

The small publisher A-jump bucks A-Jump is devoted to the production of photobooks that are challenging through often understated and artistically strict conventions. On the basis of the "artist book" principle, they release works that have been conceptualized and created as independent works. For Pierre Bessard, each book is a singular adventure in which all participants, writers and designer receive a free pass as long as they give the best of themselves.

With Bessard he wants to create the classic of the future. Erata Éditions The Erratas Éditions Book on Book range is an ongoing publication that aims to make scarce and out-of-print photo albums available to photography and photography enthusiastatics. They are not reproductions or faxes, but extensive research of scarce works.

Every one in this set presents the whole contents, page by page, of an authentic masterpiece that until now has been too seldom or too high. A mixture of classical and modern works of photography, this collection covers the broad spectrum of photography as it appears on the print page, and enables further studies on the origin and significance of these great works of artwork.

The Gost Books GOST Books is a photo and art publishers established by Gordon MacDonald and Stuart Smith and headquartered in London. The 5th edition of October is an independant publishers for modern photography. This is an artist's publishers specialized in photography. Pierre von Kleist Editions, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, is dedicated to the creation of new, cutting-edge publication.

Each of her works reflects her author's visions and is aimed at the global community, and is an immediate and real global opportunity for photography in today's visionary cultures. Headquartered in Kamakura, Japan, Super Labo Super Labo is an impartial publisher specializing in photography today. Established 2009 in Tokyo by Yasunori Hoki, publisher and editor.

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