Photo Books with text

Books with text

Minimum number of photos depends on the size of the photo book. Apply text on the back: With the Momento software you can design your photos and texts on book pages. When designing your book, please make sure that all images appear within the red line. What do I do with my photos?

Lidl's large selection of photo books

Keep your best souvenirs with our photo books, available in A4 vertical, horizontal or quadrat. Select from a variety of formats, papers and covers to meet your needs and personalize them in our image editing program with a variety of styles and text option. There are two ways to make your personal photo book: with our Layout Wizard, which provides a number of designs, or by yourself.

You can customize each page; whether you add borders, text and images or change page layout and topics, there are no limits to your creative work! If you use our comprehensive photo order and photo print engine, you can also take your own amount of free photo books. Whilst all changes are deleted after six hour when you work on the photo albums in your web browsers, you can store the photo albums for up to 60 working day with this photo albums program.

If you do not prolong the deadline, your stored photo books will be erased after 60 working nights.

Photobook editing - Computers

Customize your photo album. At present, photo books can only be printed in the USA and Canada. Click on Photo Books on the lefthand side. Choose a photo album for editing. Once you're done, click Shopping Cart to buy the photo album. Find out how to buy a photo album.

Switch the front cover: Click Modify photo on the first page. Apply text on the back: Click on the first page to the lefthand side of the front page on Insert titles. A soft or hardback photobook requires at least 48 pages. If you see a low-resolution alert, it means that the photo may look blurred when you print it.

While you can still reprint the photo, it may not look the same as on your monitor. Click Warnings above to see all the pages you need to review. To view the page, click the alert.

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