Photo Book with words

A photobook with words

You can say it with a photo book. Have a new look at a child's favorite book, with family photos and custom words. Customize your photo book. Is the introduction of the term "photo book" a kind of change? Playing with words and tell your unique story!

Photobooks with text: Words complement your images

Long ago (but not in a distant galaxy) the forefathers of the photo albums we know today were exactly what you might think: albums with nothing but snaps. Today, advanced photo albums can contain anything you want: pictures with different layout, double pages, colourful background, fun labels and even text.

Indeed, there is not a photobook manufacturer that does not allow its customers to write text to their would-be-book. However, it is not as easy to insert text into your photo book as it sounds: you need to be particularly careful what you want to insert and how. It is best to modify the page and find one that contains either photographs and text or just one or more large text fields.

The standard text field is more than sufficient for anything else - such as a plain caption that describes the focal point of a photo or a quote. Anyway, everything works, provided it supplements the photographs. Make a note of an overall narrative of how the photo was taken, or compose a piece you think fits the page well.

Keep in mind that this is a photo book with the term "book" in the foreground: photographs can describe the underlying messages you want to communicate in an effective way, but adding your own thoughts to the images makes your book even more intimate and offers even more insights into the displayed events.

What if you get hit by the writer's deadlock while you' re making your photo book? Useful when photobook publishers do not include hand-written fonts (although this is rare), but especially in cases where you think the manuscript is important or simply want to give your book another distinctive flavor.

Like I said before, there are virtually no photo book publishers who don't have the ability to do this. Mixbook actually offers many different styles that contain a text field by Default, but there are also styles that contain only text fields or nothing at all.

Regardless of which editors you choose, you don't think these default styles are mandatory: the whole point is that they can be modified arbitrarily, even remove the places for photographs and leave nothing but the text fields. One other apparently neglected way to use text is to add labels to it.

Photobook publishers are full of text-based decorations, so it's more than natural to use these labels to replace words you might have added anyway. Making the photobook a favourite cartoon size, putting fun words in your dear ones' mouth, explaining your thoughts for a while in a smart and meaningful way.... the photobook could go on.

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