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Editors who deal with contemporary photo books. In Buch und Zine they found a way to make their own work tangible. ""No photographer today needs a publisher to make a photo book. World-wide publishers that allow and prohibit submitted photos. Now, a superficial truism, all photographers are publishers.


A large list of international photo book publishers

Having offered you a number of favorite sources such as our vast mailing of photo scholarships and photo award winners and the month-long compilation of scholarships and award periods that we call FotoCal, we have a new source for anyone who wants to release or purchase their next photo book: the vast listing of publishers of international photo books.

{\It is very likely that we have jumped over a few publishers, so please apologize in anticipation and contact us if you would like to be accepted for free! AADBOOKS - Adad BOOK is an independant publisher devoted to the production of artist albums. Every single work will be a one-of-a-kind piece, which will be produced through strong cooperation between artist, writer and designer.

apacaka - akaaka artist Publishing, Inc. is a Tokyo-based photographic and arts book specialty company established by Kimi Himeno in 2006. More than 120 lexicons have been published. Our goal is to present gifted young and gifted young people. The Akina Book - Akina Book is an independant publishers of handmade photo albums, as items for wrinkling, loving, collecting.

Akiahu is a London-based yet boundless company. Headquartered in London, England, AMC is a publishing house that produces photographic and artistic works available from AMC's own on-line bookstore at and select fine and photographic bookstores around the world. With André Frère Éditions - Stem formal graphical artists and trained as artistic directors, André Frère always takes care of forms, material and graphics in his production, each book adheres to the photographer's work in order to use and show them.

Headquartered in Roquevaire. Other Place Press - Another Place Press is a small independant publishing house. We' re interested in modern art photographing that investigates landscapes in the broadest possible way and covers topics such as country, place, travel, town and the surrounding area - from the most remote parts of the world to the centres of the biggest towns.

The nonprofit organization combines the photo world and its audience with the most inspirational work, the hottest creative solutions and each other - in printed, personal and on-line. Headquartered in New York. At ARP2 - ARP2 is a publisher devoted to the fine arts of photography. To be more precise, ARP encourages the work of those who relate to the countryside, which is poetical, philosophical or documented.

Headquartered in Brussels à la Bruxelles à arte publishers - As a division of G/Pallery, a Tokyo-based art photographers studio, arte publishers has produced a wide range of works in cooperation with the greatest photographers of our time, such as Viviane Sassen, Stephen Gill, Kishin Shinoyama, Mika Ninagawa, Daisuke Yokota, Taisuke Koyama, Rieko Shiga and others.

We are a publisher of works of Japanese fine arts and are dedicated to the promotion of modern fine arts through the medium of the book to audiences in Japan and abroad. APE ( "Art Paper Editions") is an autonomous publisher portal. APE, established in 2010 by Jürgen Maelfeyt and Caroline De Malsche, focuses on the book as an exhibitroom.

The APE works with artisans and institutes. Headquartered in Ghent. b. franc albums - b. franc albums is a company of Rotterdam. Headquarters in Zurich. Bemojake and Bemojake is an independant company located in London. Our publications are published in small editions in cooperation with the painter and designers. Hem - Bloom is an independant publishers located in Melbourne, Australia.

Cafe Royal Boks - Weekly photo releases focusing on issues of transformation, usually within the UK. Established in 2005, Café Royal School is an independant company located in the North West of England. Caravan Book - Our textbooks are not guidebooks, but a tribute to places we like. The book is published in 2014 by Candy Pilar Godoy and Eva-Maria Kunz.

He dedicates himself to the publication of fine arts and photo albums, often with manual skills, always in cooperation with the artist. Lucie Award 2015 winner for Book Publisher of the Year. The company is headquartered in New York and Italy. The Cesura Publish - Cesura Publish is a publisher founded in 2010 by Cesura, a group of freelance film-makers.

Cesura only publishes rare editions of the book and fanzine book published by the members of the group. By creating its own photo project, Cesura supports itself through photo productions that are guided by fundamental principals of independence, self-reliance and complete management of the production processes. Headquartered in Piacenza.

Loose-Choose Commune is an independant photo book publishers. Established by Vasantha Yogananthan and Checile Poimboeuf-Koizumi. Headquartered in Paris. We concentrate on low-cost, up-and-coming artist print products for global sales. is a photobooks company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, established by Christoph Nüssli and Christoph Oeschger.

Crowndbooks - In the six month after the launch of Crowddbooks, it has already proved itself as a revolution ary playmaker in the publishers' community thanks to its pioneering models of societalrowdfunding. It has raised over 80,000 euros to finance 6 photo book productions. Established in 2010 in Madrid by José Manuel Suárez and Sonia Berger, Dalpine is a publisher that deals with cutting-edge photography that deals with the way of living, its disturbances, breaks and also its opportunities.

The DALPHINE Foundation promotes cooperation between photographs, artisans, designers and editorial staff in order to create book series. Headquartered in Madrid. The new Damiani - Damiani was established in May 2004 as a new division of the Grafiche Damiani printshop. The Damiani Group was established in the 1950' to specialise in lithography and the arts.

Headquartered in Bologna. The Daylight - Daylight is a non-profit organisation devoted to the publication of artwork and photo albums. Investigating the documentation modus together with the more conceptional issues of the visual arts, Daylight's unique collectable works work on reviving the relation between the arts, photograph and the rest of the underworld. The Dewi Lewis - Dewi Lewis Publishers is a joint venture between Caroline Warhurst and Dewi Lewis.

The photo directory, created in 1994, has an worldwide renown and contains works by some of the UK's top and internationally renowned photographic artists. It is the company's goal to draw the general public's interest in modern photographer's work, which can be visited by both experienced and less well-known people. Headquartered in Manchester. servacht - dienacht Publishers is an independant photo book group.

It is our goal to present our meticulously chosen photographs in a special edition of beautiful, uniquely printed and collectable book. Headquartered in Leipzig. The Ediciones Anomalas - We like everything in a book. Literature is a bodily pleasure and a cause of greatness. Patrick Frey Edition - Since 1986, the Patrick Frey Edition has released more than 190 volumes.

In close cooperation with mainly Suiss, but also internationally renowned artist, the publisher concentrates on one-of-a-kind works and publishes small editions of his work. Headquarters in Zurich. Bessard Editions - Editions Bessard is an independent Paris-based publisher founded in 2011 by Pierre Bessard. The focus is on working with performers, authors and trustees to realize sophisticated intellectual bookwork.

Lic Editions - LIC Editions is an independant publishing house specializing in the production of provoking modern works by up-and-coming and renowned avant-garde photography. Created in 2012 by Nicholas McLean, the LIC Editions works as a team that brings together artists, creators and authors to create art book series.

Headquartered in Scandinavia. Xavier Éditions Xavier Éditions Xavier have published works by authors from the global arts community. Every book is one-of-a-kind. Headquartered in Paris. RM Editorial - With its focus on photographs, modern arts and little-known gems or "rarities", RM is known for the careful maintenance of every single title, not only its contents, but also its designs and typographies, as well as for the careful selection of papers and material and the rigorous control of productions detail.

RM also has a wide sales and marketing base that enables it to distribute its products in most parts of the globe. EIRISKAY COLLECTION eiriskay collection - The EIRISKAY COLLECTION is a Netherlands-based book designer and freelance editor of photo books, art books and research work. Case Line Press - Case Line Press is a photo book publishing, bookshop and lecture hall in Atlanta, GA.

It is our task to assist photo albums and their authors. Our goal is to be a precious asset for the artist and patron of the arts, as they combine more profoundly with the arts and creativity. Filigree Éditions - For 27 years Filigranes has followed an inventive and bold route in the artists' works. Our editing concept unites images and text in one-of-a-kind textbooks.

The catalog, created by Patrick Le Bescont, contains 580 works. It is an innovative way of combining the filigree in individual works, images and writings to create a unique combination that crosses the views and sensations of the photographer, author, artist and writer, without ostracism or style patron. Fisbar - we like to make things. we like to make things. we like to tell tales with photos, both with our own and with other peoples. we like to make interesting arrangements in small rooms. we like to get together to look at images and speak about them. we like to realize a project. we take photos and publish them to different target groups. we like to work with musician and poet. we sometimes also make beers. we are Philip and olive oil.

Headquartered in London. PhotoEvidence - Every year, the FotoEvidence Book Award honours a photo projects that documents proof of breaches of human rights. Every year, the PhotoEvidence Book Award honours a photo projects. This chosen work will be part of a photo-evidence photo book collection devoted to the work of photographs whose dedication and bravery provide hurtful truth and create consciousness and tolerance for breaches of publicity.

Fotoshof - Photo court is part of photo court Salzburg, a 1981 created Non Profit organization, which dedicated itself to the promotion of up-to-date Kunstfotografie. It specialises in the publication of a monograph of works by African and African photographs with a focus on them. Headquarters in Salzburg. Fuego Books is a publisher in Murcia, a town in the south-east of Spain.

We' re two brothers and sisters, Ángela and Gustavo Alemán, and we like photos and textbooks. It is our belief that the photo book is an excellent way to talk about the outside environment and the lives of the local population, to tell open tales and to arouse emotion. We' re going to start this fire and we' re going to start feeding it with them.

Nice reading. Hazardous literature. Spirited ledgers. PHOTHATOGY - Fw:Books is an independant publishing house with main emphasis on photographs and related subjects. The photograph is a one-of-a-kind media; it has no definite way of manifesting itself. This can be a monitor, a C-print, a slide projection or a book. As we see it, the decision for a book is a decision for a new work.

Headquartered in Amsterdam. As an editor, GHOST Editions produces works that emphasise the importance of graphic stories and express a "politics of the image", i.e. critically approaching the uses and terms of taking the picture, whether documented, archived, fictitious or appropriate. She is also interested in releasing art content obtained through various process.

Headquartered in Lisbon. Under the name GOLIGA Ivan Vartanian is producing, editing and publishing temporary print runs, book experiments and photographic series. GOLIGA's main goal is to explore new ways of spreading and exploring the world of the photograph. The GOLIGA headquarters are in Tokyo. Gordon MacDonald and Stuart Smith established GOST Books - GOST Books is a London-based publishing house for fine art and photograph.

Harper's Journals - Harper's Journals, established in 1997, is a bookstore and galleries in East Hampton, New York. Our specialty is the production of photographs, works of literature and works of fine arts, with a special focus on associative copying, extraordinary objects in extraordinary conditions and outstanding works personalised by authors and performers. This Press - Here Press is an independant publishing house devoted to the research of book style digital photograph.

Established in 2011 by Harry Hardie and Ben Weaver. The Hoxton Mini Press - Hoxton Mini Press produces small, collectible photo albums. Most of our bibliographies are about East London or have an urbane topic. The Humboldt Book - Humboldt is a brandnew publisher specialising in travelling fiction, drawing on research from the eighteenth and nineteenth-century.

Headquartered in Milan. We are a small freelance South London publishers producing handcrafted book series. Founded in 2006, we value to find new and aspiring creative people as well as renowned artist whose work we like. The Jiazazhi - Jiazazhi is a photographic arts publishers dedicated to the exploration of the possibility of presenting photographic works off the mural.

We have a blogazine, publisher projects, distribution projects, monthly magazines (under work). Sweehrer Verlag - Founded in 1995, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin specialises in the areas of literature, art and music. Why a Kominek photo book? Bookmaking is an old tradition that is still the most powerful for us when it comes to telling a history with documented film.

We are always happy about a good photo book. We are a small publishing house located in Lima, Peru. Our main interest is in supporting the work of Ecuadorian and Latvianographers. The Fabrica - La Fábrica's fields of work span the whole field of modern culture: photograph, arts, literature, film, theater, dancing, architectural, music, scientific.... Each of our projects is backed by modern concepts and tendencies that are open to new dialog.

L'Artiere - L'Artiere Edizioni specialises in the display of photo collection and firmly believe in the idea of providing every detail of the end result by creating volume that is esthetically appealing and durable. Headquartered in Bologna. Whilst we do without a regionalistic publishing house brand, we see ourselves as an independant, cosmopolitan Mediterranean publishing house.

Our countless co-editing activities and our attendance at many book shows in France and abroad are proof of this. Headquartered in Marseille. The Lecturis - Lecturis was established in 1922 as a publisher. Lecturis became its main business in 1940 and began to publish again in 2010.

Exceptional book on arts, designs, photography and culture with excellent qualities in terms of print, styling and finish. They are marketed in the Netherlands and worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam. Bibliaryman - Working with a diverse group of geographically diverse photographic and artistic professionals, Libraryman chooses its staff with interest and honesty and is committed to building a rapport with everyone working on the work.

Headquartered in Paris. LONG ELIMITED EDUCATION - Limited EDUCATION OF INTERNATIONAL PHOTO BOOKS and GALERY located in Los Angeles, California. In close collaboration with the photographer, author and designer, LBM is exploring new ways of generating and disseminating imagery. The Lyre Press - Lyre Press is an independant editorial company established in 2015 by the Max Pinckers group.

Pinckers works closely with self-published artistes from various different medias to create independent works. Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The MACK - bibliography with artist, writer and curator. Headquartered in London. irai is a think factory and a publisher specializing in the field of photograph.

Headquartered in Paris. Moellel Boks - Independent publishing house, specialized in private series. The book is the last stage in an artist's development and we are encouraging the author to participate in the work. Headquartered in London. Since 1991 Nazraeli Press - Nazraeli Press has produced monographic works on the visual and decorative arts.

You can find our award-winning works in publicsector and privatesector galleries and collections around the world. Headquartered in Munich. The Newfave - Newfave is an independant publishing house located in Tokyo and Hayama. The company was established in 2014 by Kohei Oyama. Through our cooperation with artisans and collectors we publish temporary editions of modern artworks / photoebooks.

There is value in book production. Headquartered in London and Paris, it is an independant company working in close collaboration with well known and up-and-coming photographic artists, dedicated to the design and print of original modern photo series. Aboutlapse - Überlapse is an art publishers company founded in 2014.

We' re interested in working personally with individualist topics and stories, in experience-oriented photojournals, in documentaries or comments and in road photographs with a sophisticated visions or concepts. PalMadam Studios presents photographs and artist through creativity, on-line facilities, exhibits, events and has its own publisher and distributor.

Headquartered in London. Publications - Pau Wau Publications is an independant editorial journal devoted to the creation of rare copies of Zine's works of poetry and poetry in the field of modern literature and design, established in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY by Andreas Laszlo Konrath and Brian Paul Lamotte. Pepperoni Boooks - In 2004 Hannes Wanderer established the Peperoni Book publisher in Berlin.

The Peperoni Company produces high quality picture volumes with a special emphasis on modern photograph. The PHREE - PHREE is a company specialising in documentaries, travelling guides and home album. The OPH offers editorial and publication support service for institutional, corporate and private clients. Headquartered in Madrid. ierre von Kleist Editions - Pierre von Kleist Editions is an artist's ed. specializing in photo book printing.

We' re dedicated to producing new, cutting-edge photo albums and believe that the photo book is a media that can express and address a broad public with the ability to express intricate, abstracted and current work. PHOGBOOKS - PogoBooks is an independant publisher focusing on small-scale, affordably priced finite arts textbooks, catalogs, editions as well as zinc.

The PogoBooks is a plattform, an archives and collection for modern art and the photograph. Berliner Verlag was established in 2010 by Claudio Pfeifer. The Poursuite Editions - Poursuite is a Paris and Arles-based publishers specialising in modern photographic art. punctum Press - Punctum was established in 2003 as a forum for the production of literature, exhibits and photographs.

The Punctum Foundation produces works by internationally renowned writers, especially those by contemporaries and often newcomers. We are a group of publishers made up of professional and professional photographic professionals who believe in producing the highest caliber book to enable us to make creative and editing choices. Headquartered in New York. ershin_bands - roshin_books is an independant photo lab in Tokyo, established in 2013.

We specialise in old and new, meticulously chosen photo albums. Rudi Thoemmes was a native of Bristol, Germany, and founded RRB Photoobooks to pursue his obsession with interesting, uncommon and out-of-print photo albums. Headquartered in Bristol. The RVB and RVB Book is both an independant publishers devoted to the design and production of one-of-a-kind art literature and a galleries of exhibits on new editing work.

Headquartered in Paris. The Schilt Publishers - Schilt Publishers and Schilt Galleries are a publisher specializing in high-quality photo albums and a business art galery that represents a broad spectrum of high-caliber artist from around the globe. Headquartered in Amsterdam. SKINNERBOX - Skinnerboox is a small independant publisher for modern photograph.

Headquarters in Jesi. We are an independant publishing house for books of the arts located in Switzerland. Created in 2014 by Reto Caduff with the aim of presenting and promoting the creativity of photography and the arts, we want to tell visible tales of up-and-coming talent, incumbent artist, and re-discovered past treasure.

Headquarters in Zurich. Headquartered in New York, S U New York - S U Non has a number of titles of books, graphics and e-ditions. The SPBH Éditions - SPBH Éditions is a London-based photo publisher that is challenging the limits of book making in order to realise extraordinary artists' works in the shape of print and print series.

As a descendant of the self-publish, Be happy curatorship of SPBH Edition, the book as a work of art emerges from this fellowship and invention. The Session Press - Session Press is devoted to the presentation of works of art and history by up-and-coming and renowned Japan and Chinaographers.

Established in 2011 by Miwa Susuda, photo book advisor at Dashwood in NY, Session Press works like a team that brings together artists, design professionals, authors and editorial staff to create art book series. Headquartered in New York. The Shelter Press - Shelter Press is a leading independent publishers and curators in France, established in 2011 by Bartolomé Sanson and the painter Félicia Atkinson.

The Shelter Press works as a non-governmental artists' organisation that builds dialogue between modern artwork, poesy and experiential literature through publication, educational experience and exhibit. Established in 2009 by Kevin Messina, the Silas Finch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit artistic organisation headquartered in Los Angeles and New York.

Together with the artisans we are working to release and sell extraordinary art work. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. STONLEY / STANLEY stonley / stanley / barkers is an independant publisher located in london. Established 2014 by Gregory & Rachel Rarker. ?teidl - Steidl launched his own photo book programme in 1996.

Today, some of the most famous international photography and art stars include Joel Sternfeld, Bruce Davidson, Robert Frank, Robert Adams, Karl Lagerfeld, Lewis Baltz, Ed Ruscha, Roni Horn and Jürgen Teller, to name but a few. Headquartered in Göttingen. The SUPER LABO - SUPER LABO is an independant publisher located in Kamakura, specializing in photography of the present day.

The Tartaruga - Tartaruga is a small independently owned London owned company, recording company and printer. We are focused on the production of temporary tangible and tangible versions for a wide range of musical, book and printed products. Headquartered in London. That book is alignment - this is a business that publish and sale product that should be publicized themselves, if that kind any awareness.

ROOFRONTIER PHOTO roofrontier photo book publisher located in Oakland Ca. Established in 2006. They produce works by some of the most prestigious and prestigious photographers in the business. The Terranova - Terranova was created to satisfy two needs: the confrontation with modern artistic virtuosity through the production of concrete material and concrete works and the voices of a group of new artist whose generations are silence or distanced from the capitalistic structure that dominates the nation's culture scenes.

Headquartered in Barcelona. Part of T&G Publishings - The Australian company T&G Publishings specializes in maintaining a dialog with renowned film-makers. T&G is dedicated to the presentation of top-class photography with the most sophisticated designs and state-of-the-art print processes - both in Australia and the world. Velvet Cell - An independant publisher that investigates the influence of man on the human being.

Headquartered in Osaka. We think that TIS Aviation Photo Book grows on its own. It is the uniquely powerful and communication alchemy - the descendant of a photographer and a spirit at work in the realm - of TIS book. The Trolley Book - Publisher of photographic, photojournalistic and artistic publications.

Headquartered in London. The Tycoon and Tycoon Book Company is an independant Tokyo-based company founded in 2009 by Taro Serikawa and Yosuke Watanabe. It is our aim to find new talent from around the globe and to present it through publication. Contributing to the cultural heritage of our publishers by editing artists' works in an inventive way that only a small freelance publishers can provide and making them available to audiences around the globe.

From the viewpoint of Van Zoetendaal - Van Zoetendaal regards his works as generous structures and has had a great influence in the choice and assembly of the contents of the book, so that a rhythmical tune could be created in harmony with the designs. In Van Zoetendaal's opinion, photographs must be perfectly litho-printed and printed in order to become a new kind of "vintage".

For him, the photo book is an independent artistic genre. Headquartered in Amsterdam. The Waltz Books - Waltz Books is contributing to the dialogue on modern artwork by creatively and financially supporting the creation of groundbreaking photo books. The Waltz Books Group is looking for a project that requires a strong link between the book size and the photograph.

Whitty Skiwi - Whitty Skiwi is an independant publishers established with the aim of promoting its work. Canadian-based Yard Presse - Yard Express is an independently owned publishers specializing in experiential publication and undergrounds. The Zatara Photo Book Publishers Zatara is a small freelance photo book publishers established in 2014 by Andrew Fedynak to give a vote to a wide range of photographic works through the media of the Artists Stylled Photobooks.

" We produce all our work in Richmond, Virginia.

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