Phd in Fashion Designing

Doctorate in Fashion Design

Design is an applied art, which is mainly dedicated to the design of clothing and accessories. Is a PhD in fashion? A Doctor of Philosophy in Design, Fashion & T Merchandising (Ph.D.

) is offered at the School of Design both as a regular and part-time program. Doctorate in Fashion Design & Engineering in English from Donghua University in Shanghai, China. Complete information and online application.

graduated 4 times with a PhD in fashion design

Modedesign is an application arts, which is mainly devoted to the creation of garments and accessoires. This box is displayed by converting a draft into a drawing, sample or garment. Fashion designs are a combination of creative principle and graphic use. Areas of fashion designing are: apparel designing, shoe designing, accessory designing, suit designing.

Mode Designcourses on fashion cover themes such as suit designing and constructing, fashion stitching, fashion art, fashion history, bridal weddings, modern fashion and cultural view. The student gains know-how about fabrics and the fabric industries by studying fashion theories and taking hands-on training sessions. In addition, they are taught how to make complicated garments and how to make pattern changes.

The area will inspire and empower prospective fashion designer to take advantage of creativity and art in the mastery of the silhouette, structure and material of the garment. Studied fashion and fashion designing, developing art and technology, optical sensitivity and fantasy. Among the career paths a graduate can follow are: fashion designers, fashion designer, fashion journalist, fashion merchandizer, creator of patents, production managers.

Doctorate Textile Design, Fashion & Management (Entry 2018)

To start directly from your basic studies you need at least a 2.1 honorary diploma or an equal diploma in a respective area. Alternatives to obtaining a doctorate by completing other post-graduate work. If you are interested, you can submit your application online for all our post-graduate Master's courses. The textile sector requires innovation in processes and products to efficiently incorporate all facets of engineering, manufacturing, trade and manufacturing.

Investigation of the connection between user acceptance and new developments of wearable products. Strategy-agile merchandising: a new chance for Europe's textiles manufacturers. If you live abroad and cannot attend our open house, please check the global section of our website to see if a member of our global team will be coming to your area.

All of the above charges are fully included, so you do not have to foot any extra bank charges or administrative overhead. Entrance dues are reviewed annually and annual increases are also likely for UK/EU student over the course period (fees are usually set for foreign student for the course period in the year of entry).

Please visit: Post graduate tuition information.

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