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Allows you to publish your book electronically on Amazon for Kindle from anywhere in the world. Ebook-Publishing-Plattformen umfassen umfassen Pronoun, Smashwords, Blurb, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, CinnamonTeal Publishing, Papyrus Editor, Ebook Leap, Bookbaby, Pubit, Lulu, Llumina Press und CreateSpace. Graduates who find self-publication tempting have many platforms and opportunities.

Worldpress, the semiantic personal publishing platform with emphasis on esthetics, web accessibility and user-friendly.

WorldPress has been around since 2003 and is the most widely used BlogPress application on the web. It is very straightforward to use and has an intuitively designed user surface. Regularly add new pages, blogs, pictures, etc. is a snap and can be done quickly. The simplicity of the underlying technologies significantly reduces the amount of reformatting work.

The WordPress is browser-based. WorldPress is a self-contained system and does not need any HTML processing sys-tem. Easily add a new page or post to a blogs, text formatting, picture loading (and editing), uploading document, videos, picture gallery, etc. without the need for HTML or FTP tools. WordPress is a very neat and straightforward process, making it easier for web sites to view and index their contents.

Eliminate the need for your web designers to update your website. WordPress gives you complete command over almost every facet of your website and allows you to make these basic upgrades yourself. WorldPress is the driving force behind your website. Because WordPress was initially developed as a platform for blogs, it integrates blogs and can be integrated simply if you like.

This is possible with WordPress with plug-ins, most of which are free or very inexpensive. The WordPress pages are very scaleable. If you are the WordPress site admin, you can create more than one person for the site and give each person privileges and abilities.

Self-publish your book, CD, DVDs for sale

Our service allows you to resell your book, CD and disc at a fraction of the costs of conventional production while retaining more complete mastery of your work. Formerly we were established as CustomFlix Labs, Inc. and BookSurge Inc. The CustomFlix group was established in 2002 when four of our employees agreed to facilitate sales for independents - they set up CustomFlix, a DVD-on-demand group.

BuchSurge was created in 2000 by a small group of creators who wanted to give them the opportunity not only to release their works but also to keep their intellectual property or royalty. BookingSurge has grown to help major publishing houses and freelance authoring companies and offers full self-publishing, on-demand print and on-line publishing marketing as well.

BookSurge and CustomFlix were taken over by in 2005.

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