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We' re a publishing house that understands your point of view. Like you, we are simply crazy about books. Newest tweets from Penguin Books UK (@PenguinUKBooks). See other articles discussing Penguin Books, Ltd: Home of Penguin Random House.

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First ladybird children's books appeared. 1935Allen Lane releases his first penguin books, realizing his dream of making high-quality books available to everyone at affordable rates. In the first series are books by Ernest Hemingway and Agatha Christie. 1937Allen Lane launched a non-fiction print after he happened to ask someone at a King's Cross bookstore for "one of these Pelikan books".

The Obscene Publications Act applies to Penguin Books for the publication of D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover. 1970All Lane died and Penguin was taken over by S. Pearson and Son Ltd - predecessor of today's Pearson plc. 1976Raymond Briggs' snowman appears at Hamish Hamilton. 1983Penguin purchases Frederick Warne, known from the Beatrix Potter books.

1984Penguin buys the printed Vikings. 1985Penguin buys Michael Joseph and Hamish Hamilton. 2008Penguin releases its first e-books. 2012Penguin Ventures is launching a new cartoon by Peter Rabbit, which is sold in 15 countries worldwide.

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The Penguin Random House Audio is the UK's premier audio book publishing house. We' re working with the best actors to make your audio books truly unforgettable - from world-class writers like Sean Barrett and Daniel Weyman to well-known personalities like Helen Mirren and Emilia Fox. We' also release the big and prestige ous BBC Audio listing and the Appleunes no.

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