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Complimentary online tool supports batch conversion of PDF to Word, PPT, Flash and images. When you send your book as a PDF, this icon will appear in your email. BeechCreator ePub or pdf or pictures. create a new book i - edit the information and delete the book. Download the book and share it with others.

iBooks, a PDF or video.

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In some cases you may want to save your book as a PDF file: BUT, you must be conscious that multi-media items such as sound or videos are not retained when you are exporting to PDF. On the My Books page, browse to your book. Touch the Exports symbol to the right of the i. Select Exports to PDF.

Select how you want to file - by e-mail, to a print device, to your iTunes library, or in any other application. Either scroll down (like a regular PDF layout) to display the pages one by one, or you can select to display the pages side by side, similar to a book-look.

This screen shot shows my iBooks collection with a default PDF and a side-by-side PDF layout.

Some things to print

You can also save and reprint your book as a PDF document. Obviously, you loose all the nice sound and videofiles, but if you have a plain text/picture book, it can be great for printing. Click the Release icon under your book in your bookcase.

You will see a new Chrome folder that displays the PDF of your book. First one will rotate the page (although this will not affect the PDF when you try to reprint or store it). Use the next symbol to load the PDF and the last symbol to printout the PDF.

As soon as you have printed the PDF, the dialog opens and you can modify the setting before you start it. You' ll loose this if you try to write your e-book. Realize that it is difficult to create a PDF or create an e-book. You will need to try a little to accommodate changes in your machine preferences, sheet formats, and layout.

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