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Paris Review books should be distributed at dinner parties, readings, riots, weddings, galas of all kinds. The yearly bundle deal with London Review of Books is back! Think of it as the best ever:. Stitcher's Paris Review on Apple podcasts. We have a subscription agreement with The London Review of Books which ends tomorrow.

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Michael, the end of the week visitor, was supposed to stay the whole evening in one of the single bed rooms in Herbie's old room, where the images of the ball were still hanging on the mural. There was a pediatric elephant balancing in the corners of her room, a "Vote Socialist" knob on her right ear; her bookshelves, where Louisa May Alcott's books once picked up lust, now housed the works of Howard Fast.

Herbie' s only lights were on down in the dinning room, where the mezzotint in her high gold brackets were flickering and Herbie's seasonal sparkle was shaking in her cup.

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