Paragraph about my Life Story

Heel about my life story

This is the story (as told by my father). and the rest, as they say, is history. What? You want to know the whole story? So where are you in life now?

When I was a child, I saw life as wonderful and joyful; hate was something you never found.

A few quick heels. Heh. Like it!

One hot Paris night in July, in the midst of the 1976 Summer Olympics, my mom began to feel contractions, but Nadia Comaneci was awake and there was no way she would miss that performance." This is the story (as my dad tells it).

Soon after I was reborn, and the remainder, as they say, is all over. What? You want to know the whole story? My family and my two older and younger sister lived in France until my seventh year of life when I found the pleasure of being a child in a traditional US area.

I turned 13 in sommer, despite a lot of weeping and grinding my own gritting my own mouth, my folks grabbed us again and we drove back across the canal to Paris, France. Then I wept for a few days, but eventually I realised that a) it was no use and b) I was exhausted from all the teardrops and so I soaked it up and took care of the move.

So I went to a bi-lingual secondary and secondary education. Pursuing all the US foreign and army undergraduates, I eventually realised that I also had to make good company with local people. Finding new boyfriends every year grew old very quickly. At some point in my last year of high education I realised that I had given no thought what I wanted to do with my life (something that in France, where colleges are subsidised by the French authorities and job application is a formality), and I stirred for a little.

Unlike the states, there is no "undergrad" season in France. You' re going to high high school. You' re going directly to a delicacy. You go right to medical college. and I went to medical college. Nope. Sometime in the midst of the highly aggressive first year (only the top 10% of the grade passes the end of the first year "competition" and finishes the second year, 4% of which go into dentistry.

Noticing that I didn't even like ill persons, that I was bad in both physic and chemistries, and that maybe I wasn't made to become a physician. For the remainder of the year I went to the cinema with a friend, when my other boyfriends were learning like mad, and enjoyed the free hours.

My final examination was sadly not passed, but I learnt a great deal about the value of simply being able to listen in classes against taking febrile memos without taking note of the schoolteacher. By the end of the year, still without any idea what to do, I followed the counsel of some of my classmates and signed up for university.

Then, three years after I started my studies, I found something I was really good at. It was my aim to do a Masters abroad, but I soon realised that working over 40 working hour a week did not give me enough free space for a full, unmanned course workload. And he went to work and helped me while I went back to work.

Actually, he was paying for my year. So I gave up all the high-profile publicity and took a position as an administration clerk, he gave up a financial position and went to law schools. and life as we know it began slow.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, he became a personal injury lawyer who stood up for the little ones. Then we made the bill and found out that the date had come. I resigned my position in July 2008 and began a free-lance writing profession. So I founded a firm with some of my old mates. I learnt a lot and went on.

What? You wanted a short story?

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