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Find out how you can move your books from digital to physical with the paperback publication on KDP. The self-publication of a book in India can be possible in two ways. The world's leading book publisher - HarperCollins Facebook Live. Open the gates of the book publishing house. It is no longer limited to the elites and is now published in a well-connected way.

You have no questions? You' re up for release?

So, have you done that ledger you've been working on for month? You up for a printout? For writers, we provide a quick and easy way to publish their books as Paperback and ebooks for Amazonâs Kindle and Barnes & Nobleâs Nook.

When you' re not comfortable with this, it's a one-copy delivery to customer experience. If you do not select any of the options, you can release 00 as a paperback and e-mail. In addition, you will get five free versions of the work.

Licence fees of 30% for paperback purchases from our shop (direct sales) and 15% for purchases through other wholesalers. You will be charged a higher license fee if you fix a selling point above our lower limit. In the case of eBooks, we charge 50% of the amount we get from merchants. You will find these prices very competitive compared to other paperback publishers.

Reduced pricing for selling to writers for use at advertising campaigns or individual selling programmes. Please note: No license fees are payable on these purchases. Paperbacks are available for purchase from, and other large on-line retail stores and are available in most bookshops. eBooks are available from and

The paperback issue is allocated an ISBN, which means that it is included in a book in print. It is not necessary to register your copyrights in order for us to be able to release your work. There is a $5.00 per picture charge if your script contains artwork, illustration or other work. Note that all inside pages of a book are in monochrome only.

You do not need a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) for publication, but you may want one allotted. LCCN is a uniquely identifiable number that the Library of Congress assigns to the catalogue entry it generates for each of the books in its catalogue system used by most library.

Whereas the allocation of a number does not ensure that a library purchases your work, a library rarely purchases a work without LCCN or CIPs. We will assign an LCCN to your library and send a copy to the Library of Congress. Approximately one to two week after your approval of the copy of the text and artwork file, which we will send to you by e-mail, your printed copy will be available in our shop.

This usually means that your work will be available within four to six months of receiving the script and paying for it. Due to the number of stakeholders and their own timetables, it may take two to three week for your eBook to be available from Amazon and the other on-line vendors.

The full copyright to the published books remains with you. They have the right to directly sale the books and to conclude other publishing and purchase contracts without restrictions. The Copyit facility is available to writers who feel that their manuscripts require some additional polish to make them print.

A $12.00 per year catalog update fee is charged for catalogues that did not have at least $100. 100 in the previous year's turnover. Due to the cost of paperback there is a reserve rate for paperbacks, which depends on the number of pages, but you can specify a higher rate if you wish.

eBooks have a $5.95 or more. They can fix a higher eBook-Preis, which does not exceed our maxim. The following chart lists the latest reserve and top eBook rates. We have a 5 1/2âx8 1/2â format as our default, but on request we can also produce 6âx9â books.

Inside pages are produced on high-quality, acid-free printing papers. Writers can choose between bright cream or blank papers. If there are less than 108 pages on the inside, no printing is possible on the back of the envelope. Free-of-charge artwork is available.

We' ll include the name of the writer and the name of the work. You can also include a small photo or other picture in a JPG for overlaying on the front, back, or both of your artwork, such as an author's photo for the back sleeve. Please ask us for the coverage data if you would like to make a coverage available.

In the following chart, the paperback edition license fees and fees at the reserve sales value are listed. You will be charged a higher license fee if you fix a selling point above our lower limit. NOTICE 1: The $5.95 reserve sales value for e-book versions. DISCLAIMER 2: Writers who order 25 to 99 issues get an extra five per cent off the purchase cost.

For orders of 100 to 249 pieces we offer a ten per cent reduction on the purchase prices. From 250 issues you get twenty per cent reduction on the purchase prices. In case the publisher specifies a different selling rate than the one mentioned above, the publisher rebate rate will be displayed for the real number of pages of the work.

Please feel free to browse our full publication guidelines for more information. In the Microsoft Word edition, right-click on Publication Guides (MS Word) and then click on "save as". To view the Adobe PDF file, right-click on Adobe PDF and select "Save As". You' re up for release? As your publishers, it is our task to make it as simple as possible for you to publish your work.

Start the publication lifecycle by following these simple instructions and we will do it from there: Send the order forms, the script and all other data by e-mail or post. Scripts - We like to get your script in a Word document, but WordPerfect, Works and others are all fine.

Don't be worried about how your script is reformatted in respect of spaces, borders, page break, copyrights page, index (if desired), and so on. You should be able to publish your text as much as possible, but you have the option of checking the text printing text format and requesting changes before it is actually published.

Do you think that your script needs to be thoroughly edited before it is published, please contact our editorial team. Describing the books is very important. You will see this on sites that sell your books. Other points relate to the format and price of your text. Textstyle â" The default textyle we use is what is most often used in the publisher world.

Right-click here and select "save as" to get an Adobe document with some samples of the most commonly used typefaces for print work. Text Formats - We will do all the necessary text formats to bring your text into a professionally designed, attractive read. It is not important what size of manuscripts you are sending us, as long as we can comprehend it.

Covers - The last element to release your work is the covers. Use one of our artwork designs, deliver your own ready-made artwork, or we can do a whole range of customized (free) artwork, but we don't make your own visual. This means you can give us a picture for the front, back and back of the sleeve back, request text effect for the front and back covers, request text effect for the front and back covers, and more.

While you can't tell us to make artworks as drawings, we can do just about anything else to make a custom design for you. We' also have a resource where we can get pictures for covers, so if you tell us what you like, we can probably find something for you.

We can also do it if you want us to run a scanning of an image or a sketch for the artwork. To see our range of artwork designs, click the Artwork page above. Once we get your submit, we open your script files and give them a fast finish to make sure they are comprehensible and not somehow encrypted in transit.

When everything is in order, we will e-mail you to let you know that we have it and begin publication of your work. Once the preparatory work has been completed, we will prepare a proofreading text and another one of the covers. Please verify the title, the copyrights, the table of content, the general page size, the beginning of the chapter, a final spell checking or a final grammatical verification, if you like....

It is our aim that you are fully happy with our printing processes. If you tell us that your finished product, we will send everything to the printers for setup. Once it is finished, we will inform you that your copy is for purchase and give you a specific order request sheet for discounted work.

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