Paperback Book Template

softcover template

More eBook cover templates can be found here! Watch this amazing Ebook Templates Guide! Whether you believe it or not, there is no "template" for a paperback. Potentially there are as many templates as there are books. If you download your template, you must enter the exact number of pages.

Baseplate for 5 x 8 Paperback novels

Includes a 5 x 8 book template to view your mass market paperback or similar. Guarantee loanCreated in the home. Are you looking for more mock-ups and different size? The mock-ups are free for your own and your own business project. The distribution of the mock-ups or their combination into resale goods is forbidden. I use this template too.

I am thrilled to be learning something new in Photoshop and to get a great picture for my website! Hi, thanks for your dummies, man. Thank you for the good work on these mock-ups, they were saving me a great deal of my working on one. Beautiful & Attractive book covers of your mockups..................thank you for your good work...

Thanks for all your effort to help writers make their work look as good as it was made. Loving your disguise! I' m working with some writers and they are so thrilled to see their 3D artwork.

Use 6×9 full area template overlays with bleed and barcode

This is a template to help you improve your 6×9 full-cover paperback book layout. A 2-part overlay: front and back with trim and edges, includes back edge and standard bar code sizes and placemen. Using this overlays, you can create a artwork that complies with Amazon's KDP book policy, CreateSpace, and as the basis for your IngramSpark 6×9 manual.

However, you still need to use IngramSpark's own template for the definitive stand. This is the template overlays in use. Press the Ctrl key to remove the outside rose area. This is the edge of the area. Ensure that there is no important text in this area.

Good designs ensure that the text uses a space three time the size, but .125 is the absolute minimal (or .25 from the margin of the trim allowance). CreatingSpace allocated an ISBN is 2: 17 in width, 1.2 in height and is placed from bottom to top and .25 to the lefthand side of the vertebra.

It is not included in my segmentation because the rose area has been removed. One-third is marked by the darker, bluish line. CreatingSpace needs a book with 130 pages to get text on its back. The back width of .3 is for 134 pages (black and white inside on plain tissue).

Please use my back width computer for CreateSpace. Superimpose them over your current theme.

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