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Flawless hardcover books (softcover or paperback) with no minimum order quantity. Are you looking for a paperback or perfect bound book printing? Have your book printed in paperback today. Our paper and bindings are of the highest quality. Well-established paperback printer, Bell & Bain has several well-known names such as Oxford & Cambridge University.

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Paperbacks, every single one! Adhesive binder is used in the production of paperbacks and is the most common and cost-effective finish method. We can help you, whether you need just one copy or tens of thousands, whether you are returning an out-of-print book or releasing the next bestseller!

More than 25,000 adhesive-bound products per week are produced at a high level with our binder line using adhesives with extreme strength. Please use our on-line cost estimation tools to ask for an offer with your own book spec. Getting your book perfectly bound: Which kind of book do you make?

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Like always a brillant and punctual delivery. There were 4 Mixam leaflets and 3 Mixam titles and they were all of the highest standard. Truly astonishing value pamphlets, very impressive. Delivery exactly according to plan and in good qualitiy! Outstanding price-performance ratio. Quick, effective and very simple to order via the website.

A good end good end use. Thanks Mixam! I used Mixam to produce some of my project titles that were shown in my diploma exhibition. Brillant services and results at a really reasonable cost. The people who saw the accounts were very much amazed! We were astonished at the timing, qualitiy and services. I' m very pleased to be able to use Mixam to print my work.

Awesome. We' ve been using Mixam for over 3 years to print our community newsletter and various brochures and letterhead. They have been outstanding throughout their entire range of products and services. Wonderful Mixam! A great way to keep us up to date and inform us about shipping information. Superior services in every respect.

Careful online ordering, the willingness of our employees to help on the phone, the precision of the date of dispatch and last but not least the brilliance of our printing program! Superb support, really quick turnaround, excellent printing performance, affordable pricing, simple to use website!

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