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Then click on "Books">> "Publish paperback">> "Envelope". Own cover templates for Photoshop and InDesign, book publication with InstantPublsiher. The print designs are created and exactly dimensioned with the help of the supplied PDF print template. Here is an example of a paperback cover layout. Now Amazon.

com allows customers to view the back of paperbacks.

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You can use these layouts to make print-ready paperback artwork using applications such as Adobe Photoshop® or Adobe InDesign®. Every piece of softwares can be used that opens a.png or PDF and saves a PDF from there. To get the best results, we suggest you format your cover with our artwork. In your photo editor, open the PDF or PNG for the Paperback Book Cover Template.

Use your photo editor to make a new level. Use this level as the default level for your designs. Customize your cover at the style level by using the template PDF or PNG files as the master level. This work of art should reach to the outer margin of the rose area of the original to make sure that there is no blank margin inside the work.

Avoid moving the top tier as it is correctly oriented to our print specification. Make sure that text and/or pictures to be scanned do not appear in the rose areas of the template. On the template, the bar code area is highlighted in amber. Avoid placing important pictures or texts for reading in the place of the bar code.

It is recommended that you fill this area with your wallpaper colour or your own theme. When you print a copy of your book, KDP generates a bar code that represents the ISBN of your work. When your draft is ready, you must disable the master level so that it is not reprinted on your end products or refused during the verification procedure.

When you cannot turn off the management level, you must reformat the template to cover the entire management level. Reduce all levels, store the PDF in print resolution and use KDP to load the files.

Share your book on, bookstores and online stores.

Sidewidth depends on the number of pages in your book: An example of back width calculations for a 60-page book on blank paper: Sample back width calculator for a 60-page colour book: 002347 = 0. 141" Your cover must be a separate PDF containing the back, back and front cover as one picture.

As long as the print area is available, you can enter your cover on any page: Sample invoice for 6" x 9" cover with 60 b/w pages on plain brown paper: 385" Example calculation: 125 "+9 "+125" = 9. 25" Get a competitive edge with one of our cover templates:

Quickly and easily generate print-ready PDFs in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe InDesign®, or any other application that lets you open and store a PDF or PDF document. Included in these documents are the correct measurements, layouts and bleeds for your chosen trimming sizes and page counts.

The text and pictures must be at least . 125 " within the trimming line to make sure that no taut parts are trimmed during the book making inks. The book must have the exact heading you enter when you create the book. It is not obligatory to indicate the name of the track on the front cover as long as it is completely on the back of your book.

When your book does not reach the 101 page limit for back text, you must include the full cover of your book. Authors name must appear inside your book, either a full name or initial.

The pictures can be CMYK or RGB colours. Each image should be 100% large, levelled to a single plane and placed in your documents with a 300 DPI or more. Each book will slightly change when it' tied. Consider a deviation of 0.0625" on both sides of the folding line for your envelope.

If your back width is 1", for example, your text should not be larger than 0.875". As a result of this deviation, do not use sharp corners or contours that end on the hemline. We strongly suggest an empty back for 130-page and underbooks. As your data goes through the verification procedure, our system places your ISBN bar code in a 2" x 1.2" square in the lower right of the back cover of your book.

See our default artwork to see the precise whereabouts. So if you are leaving pictures or text in this part of the cover, the bar code will cover it during the print, so don't drop anything important. Allows you to create the empty spaces for the bar code and place them anywhere.

Let a 2 " broad by 1. 2 " high blank room anywhere on the rear cover. If you wish, you can include an extra UPC bar code for deployment. Your document's print-able area must be the correct sized, complete with bleeds. You can accept a book cover of up to 40 Mbytes.

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