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Do you know that you can be paid to write guest contributions? We' ll pay you to write things for us, even if you've never written anything for anyone. Businesses that pay for your letter are paid for the letter: Register for Get Paid to Write. You want your first free writing job, but you don't know how?

45-plus Authentic websites that you will be paying to write

The best way to make written income is through the active search for web pages and publishers who are paying them. Here is what a readership had to say after being approved to write for one of the pages on one of my lists: About two years ago, I put together and posted a listing of more than 30 web pages that make readers paying to write contributio.

The request for this mailing was very high, and the article became so much appreciated that I saw the need to make a better, upgraded one. I' ve received a great deal of feedbacks since I wrote this article - and also inquiries for other topics. The majority of the blog articles presented in the last issue were in the field of theme so I' ve chosen to put together a new listing of over 45 brand new sites and journals that you will be paying to write for them.

Payments range from $40 - $1,000+ and I also indicate whether the billing information has been verified on the website. The majority of the presented web pages are paid for when you publish or accept your item. Nowadays there are webpages in the new classes incl. healthcare, technology, freelancing, bloging, pet, travel, shop, finance, etc.

When you want to be paid to write items on-line, you will find this pricelessly valuable to you. Grab my e-book The Fremance Writer's Success Starter Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to start a winning professional written scripting job (it comes with a case Study on how I ended up doing a $625 written job in 2 hours).

You' ll be accepting article about everything to do with starting an on-line store; your article can be about making cash on-line, getting circulation, getting web marketing, web designing, converting optimisation and everything in between. There is a 500 word limit, but longer contributions are usually good. You will receive $50 per mail and can also have a hyperlink to your website in your biography.

They can be instructive, in the shape of hints or "how to" items, or they can be a comment on business reports or current affairs. You are paying $75 per item for items in the 400-600 word and $125 per item for items over 600 words; you will be paid one months after your item is post.

Smithsonian offers a web application for submitting your items to the submitted page. You can find the page for submitting your paper here. Travellers and recreation accept items and feature from independent authors. Payments are arranged as soon as you have received an item. More information on travelling and recreation can be found here.

BoatsnAll pays you up to $50 for a piece of equipment. You can add different kinds of items, and the $50 limit for a featured item. You will be paid via Paypal if your item is approved. For more information about the items you accept and how to post your items, click here.

This is a top tourist website that will cover everything from $50 - $150 for your items. You will be paid for your item on receipt. For more information on Crossroad, click here. Budge Traveller is a top-travelling website that publishes authors' work.

Learn more about how you can contribute to Budget Travels. The World Hum is a website that searches for high qualitiy items from travellers; items that contain more than 1,500 words and are sent in the body of the e-mail, not as an attach. You will be notified with the billing information as soon as your item is approved.

Here you can find out more about how you can contribute to World Hum. is looking for older students' educational materials. From $75 - $135 per item and paid via Paypal or Paypal 30 day after your item is published. The Brazen Careerist is a premier careers website in search of professional items; products can be targeted at young professional, mid-level professional or recruiter.

Payments must be agreed with the editors before you begin to write the story. Items should cover travelling and about 300 - 600 words. You are paying $50 - $75 for items they are requesting, $100 - $150 for individual histories and interviewing, and $150 - $200 for items with special revenue counseling for their reader.

You will be paid upon publishing your item. You' re paying $50 per mail for a 200-800 word item that Krazy Coupon Lady will accept. Payments are made via Paypal after your order is received and you can find more information here. You will receive $100 to add your business-related items to

Payments are made in the following months following the date your item was approved. Get up to $60 per item for blogging on the Matador network. They can write about almost everything that can be found on the Matador theme page. Further information on cooperation in the Matador network can be found here.

You are looking for items about everything related to the rust belt area and you will be paid $50-$500 according to the type of your item; your item can be an essays, a comment or a long format of coverage. You are looking for items on education, and they are paying $100 per item, if your item ends their most favorite item at the end of the year, you will receive a $200 extra gift.

You are looking for items on a wide array of subjects, such as freelance, web designing and production. You' re paying $100 - $200 for each item you buy. You are looking for items about the WordPress CMS and would like to receive items with at least 1,200 words. You are welcome to name your prize, but they usually charge in the $30-$100 per item area.

They' re looking for video editing tunes related to video editing, and they are paying $150 for these. You will also receive a biography and a hyperlink to your website in your post. They' re paying $50 - $200 per approved item, and they are expecting items in the 450 - 650 word area.

You are paid to write on almost any subject - you can take a look at some of the top issues that are being debated on the Idea website. You will be paid up to $200 per contribution and can also list your website under the contribution in the organic section.

Find out more about how you can contribute to Cracked. You are looking for Linux related items; your items may refer to Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora or any other Linux eco-syste. From $50 - $200 via Paypal or Digital Ocean account for approved items. They can make $50 per post for posting 600 - 1,000 words articles on various healthcare subjects to the American College of Health Care Sciences blogs.

Learn more about how you can help ACHS. You will receive $100 per entry to provide 1,500 - 2,000 words of typ. You can also put a hyperlink to your website in your Post-Bio and the money will be paid when you publish your item. Find out more about how you can donate to A List Apart here.

They can earn by helping consumers find the items they need. To start the write procedure, download the request from this page. You' re paid to post an article on any topic in the GC. Learn more about how you can help us.

The Ontext website is for writers and ghost writers who charge you $40 per item. You will be paid when your item is published and you can learn more about how you can contribute to Ontext here. You' re paid to write designer items for Go Media Zine, and you can find more information here about how you can contribute your work.

Learn more about how you can help GOOD. Up to $350 per item can be obtained to donate your items to Greater Good. Gréater Good favours scientific papers with a mixture of story-telling. Up to $400 per item International Life pays you to provide items about life/save in a different state.

You will be paid on release and can learn more about how you can help the world. Up to $200 can be paid to be an iWorkwell specialist on any topic. Learn more about how you can help iWorkwell. You are looking for essays about HTML, SASS, SSS or other web design related subjects.

They' paying $150 for article and $200 for tunes; they' paying $300 for article they believe are doing really well traffic-wise. You will receive $100 per entry, which you send to lists and which will be public. Learn more about how you can add to verses. They are paid to help others increase their mental rafting skills; they are usually made from quizzes or facts.

Learn more about how you can contribute to Mental Floss. Contributions from independent authors are received from The Progressive, a political mag. You will receive up to $50 - $1,300 per mail if your item is approved by Progressive. Find out more about it here. It is possible to send an item to in one of the above mentioned category.

Learn more about how you can contribute to the MIT Technology Review. Feel free to post an article on any theme as long as it's enjoyable on any main theme. Find out more about how you can contribute to Funny Times. Here you can find out more about how you can contribute to Graphique Mania is a top designer website that will pay you to send in designer items and online manuals.

Payments will be reviewed when you publish your item and you can learn more about how you can contribute to Graphic Mania here. The Hongkiat is a top web site that will make you paying for your designs items and twiddles. In Hongkiat we prefer 800-1,000 word stories and you can find out more about how you can contribute to Hongkiat here.

Intense-Blog pays you up to $50 for blogs and online instruction. Learn more about how you can help IntenseBlog. Learn more about how you can help Labmice. You are looking for information about travelling, wild animals, geology, desertification and the culture and natural histories of the North American deserts.

You want items in the 1,000 to 1,700 words category and are charged $50 per item you accept.

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