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It is Claire's passion to help writers come to a new place of consciousness and personal growth by writing their own stories. Well, now that you've worked on the basics of writing a story, it's time to create your own story. Most of my life my story was written by others. We' re writing our own history. We' re writing our own truth.

Telling your own story

Everybody has a story to tell! This page not only gives you advice from lrish writers to help you further your writing, it also deals with your own histories. This is where we give you the chance to exchange your experience and thoughts...... so that you can tell us your story. I had the honour of judging the short story contest of the Ireland Country Womans' Association a few years ago.

Indeed, I was judging for two years and was overwhelmed by the submissions. It felt to me that the tales are an important chronicle of Irish living and must be upheld. I am pleased now that writing. ie can facilitate the inclusion of individual histories, and we work with the National Folklore Collection in UCD to make sure that your experience is maintained for this and coming generation.

In the last 80 years, indeed in the last 10 years, Ireland has experienced drastic changes in society - it has affected different peoples in different ways, and here we are hoping that you will divide your experience by the words you use. However, our "Tell Your Own Story" section is not only for Irishmen who live in Ireland, but also for Irishmen who live all over the globe, for all those who have an Irish link - tell us your story about your family's past and present migration, about getting used to a new civilization, the ups and downs of your own lives.

Cheerful, depressing, crazy or drama, Monday Miscellany gives you the opportunity to leave comments, exchange your thoughts and experience and show the rest of the day what's going on in your own time. Each has a story to tell - divide it here into poetic or fiction with up to 750 words. Submission is possible from Monday, 11 April 2011.

What is your story? We' re open for entries from Monday 11 April 2011 and look forward to your reminiscences. Sharing your memory and helping to create the National Folklore Collection, which reflects the life of the Irishmen wherever they live. Entries of up to 1500 words, poems or fiction.

We' re looking for all sorts of memoirs, here are some ideas; what does writing mean to you? Sharing your story with other authors. The writer Ita Roche introduced us with a few words about how she deals with writing and lethenia. Entries open Monday, April 11, 2011, up to 750 words.

Please continue reading this page to the end, then go to the Submit to About Us page and fill out the application by filling in your application in the field provided. As we cannot have long contributions or the first few sections of your text, please be as accurate as possible. We' ll also need some biographic information to help the National Folklore Collection categorize your entry - in the coming years these items may be used for genealogy research, so we need to make sure that single items can be found!

If you agree to these conditions, please see the following copyrightstice. Filing indicates that you have reviewed and agreed to our conditions. While we cannot post all entries, we appreciate the amount of paperwork and attention that goes into every single entry - every entry is reviewed by the editorial staff.

When your work is selected for publishing in writing, i.e. we will contact you and search for a brief biography (max. 200 words) and a photo. While we cannot submit any comments or criticism, if you wish to criticize your work, the following writers can help you.

We' ve also got some great writing classes, includin' correspondence classes here. Therefore, the contents of the entries must be suitable for all. The site is widely reviewed by experts in the field, so if you are an upcoming reader, this is a great opportunity to get your work recognized! In that he wrote the work the Mining Memories,- Monday Miscellany-and Writing & Me paragraphs of Writing.ie, the authors guarantee the publisher that the work is originally for them and that they have the right and permit the work to Writing.ie.

Furthermore, the Authors warrant that the work is truthful and not forgery, that the work is not defamatory and that all facts in the work are completely truth. All copyrights to the work remain with the work. However, the publisher shall be granted an unrevocable, non-exclusive and royalty-free license to the publisher to distribute, edit and copy the work in any way and to license the work in any way for the term of the copyrights.

During Writing. ie will not be able to release all entries, replicas of pertinent articles will be added to the National Folklore Collection located in UCD to their wealthy archives. Notice: The editor accepts no liability, either explicit or implicit, for the integrity, correctness or dependability of articles made in the Mining Memories, Monday Miscellany or Writing & Me areas of the website.

Under no circumstances will be written. i.e. shall be responsible for any losses or damages, inclusive and without restriction, incidental or indirect damages or losses or damages resulting from the posting of articles in these paragraphs.

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