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My own story book

The book brings to life the true story of a young girl's experience in China. Printable books include suggestions for free activities and/or worksheets to support the stories. To register your own Storybook Village stand, click here! Participate in the Storybook Village by clicking here! The first book is now available!

Kid's Bedrooms - How to Make a Picture-Book Room

Let your child's fantasy run wild and make his or her favorite stories come alive with this fabulous fairy tale book theme bed room. Feeding your child's fantasy and bringing his favorite stories to live by turning his room into a fairy tale realm. Converting your wall from an empty side to a clear skies is simple - continue reading our step-by-step instructions:

2 ) Coarsely line your cloudy forms with crayon. 3 ) Fill your cloudy contours coarsely with jasmine white with an emulsifying paintbrush - and don't be worried about clean hair. 5 ) Dip a small amount of jasmine white into a foam and soft en the edge of the mist.

Writable story books

Make the people in your childhood know that you are worried by reading their favourite book - regardless of place or age! No matter whether you are in different states, in the city or at the end of the hallway by the childrens you adore, they can always appreciate the particular recollections of your favourite dormitory tradition together.

Director Jorge Gutierrez: "Write your own story".

Today the movie The Book of Life by Reel FX begins in the USA, and the story of 39-year-old movie-maker Jorge Gutierrez is also something to be told. One of the most authentically cultured expressions ever seen in US entertainment, the movie bears witness to Gutierrez' unorthodox and relentless careers.

Gutierrez describes in a play on LinkedIn called " The Book of My Life " his effort to articulate his own individual visions in an art that often tells his artist what kind of entertainment to do: First I dreamed of this laughable concept when I finished the CalArts.

Drunken with ignoblety and ambitions, I leapt into the entertainment business and tried to persuade folks to make my Latino shows or films. Everybody in the movie, TV and their best buddy said NO to me. Whenever someone tells me there is no Latino public, it just motivates me to work more.

Having gone through the catalogue of his own work, Jorge closes the play by begging the artist not to be told by others what to produce: Of a Sony Webshow over a Disney TV-Pilot to a Nickelodeon TV-Show up to a Reel Fx/Fox Animated Feature.

See, you're the writer of the book of your lifetime. WRITING YOUR OWN STORY. Jorge, a man who had both a big cartoon and a movie before he was 40 years old, is a piece of good advise worthy of attention.

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