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My own short story

Chrismas short story - The Letter. From Anne Bevan (from Ireland's Own Christmas Annual). Take a look at the short story and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. You can write your own short story here | download pdf free. Since May is a short story month, we wanted to hold a competition to hear your own short stories.

Create your own portfolio of short stories by submitting a series of short stories to magazines and competitions.

Ireland's own short story competition for youngsters 2016

Ireland's Own is looking for the best young authors of shorts in Ireland in collaboration with The O'Brien Press. Winners' name will be posted in our Christmas Yearbook. New Year 2017, the winners will be announced in a separate insert. Select one of the following headlines and create an article between 400 and 1,000 words.

Please note that all records must be originals of the authors. The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2016. Born in Newbridge, Co Kildare, Ireland, Emma Tobin is 19 years old and is living there with her family, a little boyfriend, four kittens and some big minnows. In her first year at UCD, Emma is a student of English, philosphy and touring.

mma is a writer of poetic, fictional and fictional music. She has written two books and is working on her third, a modern YA novel entitled'Paperweight Soldiers'. She is blogging on Abcofageenager.blogspot.ie and regularly contributes to the art show Artyfacts on KFM Radio in Kildare. She has written a number of articles in the Irish Times.

Emma's Poesie has won a number of prizes, among them the Trocaire/Poetry Ireland Poetry Contest in the categories Early Bird in 2014 and 2015. She was awarded the Conor Bowman Youth Prize at Hopkins Summer School 2014. She is not on the short-list for the Hennessy Writer of the Year AW in the EMP trophy series.

You' ll find her on Facebook as Emma Tobin Writer and on Twitter as @EK_Tobin.

The way brief stories can result in larger things

To those who still have a few minutes left, I would like to tell my "short story" about what altered my happiness and turned my "author status" from unreleased to public. I didn't want my first novel, Turning Heads, out. There was a new tale on my mind, one I was very happy about.

Throughout his career as a frequent shortfiction contest magistrate, Vincent had to take the inner path and obey a few easy guidelines: Please review the regulations thoroughly - do not break them to incapacitate your participation. There is always another contest around the bend. I published my tale two day later in Ireland's own journal. Fewer than a fortnight later I got a note with Ireland's own stamp on the cover.

Awaiting the routine, "Thank you, but it's not for our list", I could not believe my vision when I realized that the journal would release my tale, Emma. I just became a public author. I would have to say a little more now in my entry letter (yes, I still longed for the idea of having my novel published)!

I' d gone over the unseen line - I' ve been public. All it took in the end was a brief history. It was a brief history that opened the magical doors. Women's Way wrote a contest for stories and now that I saw my name in "Lights", I had the faith to take part.

I spread my pages with garage memos on my desktop and made my history. I' d won a little pageant. I' ve rewritten a crackers entry note that announced my recent publishing hit in big print and also boasted some books and features that I had posted in the Irish Examiner and Evening Echo.

The first novel, Love Match, was released in July 2006 and now, in March 2011, I am very proud to say that I am in the middle of my second publisher agreement and have four books and another one is on its way. I am now welcome instead of participating in a workshop. On Valentine's Day this year, Woman's Way released another one of my shorts.

The invitation to participate in three compilations of shorts - the Great Book of Hope, A Little Help From My Friends and Mum's The Word - has significantly increased my aura.

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