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The author of Overview, Benjamin Grant also leads the Instagram project Daily Overview, which inspired the book. So what is an overview anyway? An overview of the Book of Numbers. As a rule, most philosophy books are books about "Western Philosophy". "For a good book on philosophy, I would suggest Russell's problems with philosophy.

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Just a fistful of humans have travelled into outer-spaces to see the wonderful turquoise color edelweiss. Those who have had this privileged experience describe the sense of seeing the Earth from above as humiliating; only from a distance can one comprehend how great and connected everything really is. Benjamin Grant's Instagram Daily Overview has released high-resolution images to give everyone easy acces to this view.

On 25 October, Grant will publish "Overview", a new book containing more than 200 photographs of industrial, agricultural, architectural and natural sites with breathtaking graphic designs on the earth's surfaces. "From a distance, you have the opportunity to appreciate our house as a whole, to think about its beauties and frailty at once," Grant said.

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Overview: New Perspective on Earth by Benjamin Grant, Hardcover

An amazing and original compilation of Earth Satellites that provide an unprecedented glimpse of mankind, deduced from the much-loved Daily Overview Instagramject. The OVERVIEW high-resolution satellites, based on the Overview Effect - a sensational feature that allows the astronaut to see the Earth as a whole - provide a new perspective on the scenery we've created.

Over 200 pictures of industrial, agricultural, architectural and natural environments show unbelievable samples and at the same time show a more profound history of people. Explore this exceptional photographical voyage around our globe, capturing the feeling of wonder from a new, airy viewpoint, and creating a view of the Earth that has never been seen before.

The book is inspired by the Instagram Everyday Overview book by Benjamin Grant, who is the creator of Overview. Ever since he started the work in December 2013, his day-to-day tasks have inspired and challenging audiences from all over the world. Grant has been curating and creating more than 200 originals for Overview by combining many high-resolution satelite imagery.

Each picture is not only intended to stimulate a new view of our world, but also to promote a new appreciation of what influence humans can have. As the forthcoming lecture concentrated on satellite and its effects on our everyday life, I played around on a map-programme.

I' ve entered'Earth' in the research toolbar to see if it is zoomed out to show the whole planets. Couple of month before I found Earth in Texas, a boyfriend told me a movie named Overview. This movie introduces me to the concept of the "Overview Effect" - an concept that has transformed my image of our planets and their place in the world.

The 1987 "Overview Effect", designed by Frank White, relates to the deep emotive feeling that cosmonauts feel when they can look at the Earth from afar. Astronaut stories in the movie were the inspiration for the card quest for "Earth", which by chance misled me a few heaps later.

You have also made me realise that there must be a drastic change in our species' view of our planets before we can truly grasp the full scale of our effects. "An overview of the effects of man's livelihood... "Breathtaking, amazing and fascinating photos of the earth from the sky.

"The Guardian "Photos of above earth from above will alter your outlook out of the planet" -Fast Company "Incredible pictures that show earth's surfaces as you've never seen it before" -BBC "Grant's book...uses satelite photography zu révélant à la fois des merveilles environnementales et l'étalement suburbain d'une nouvellespectérence. "Boston Globes "Hypnotic Pictures from Around the World" -Daily Mail "Totally breathtaking" - Thrillist "A one-of-a-kind look at the world we all call home.

"-Smithsonian "The awesomeness from above " -The Atlantic "Stunning" -Huffington Post "A Tour de Forces of Research and Presentations".

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