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Design software for authors

Grab a stack of index cards? Ginkgo is a new tool to outline your ideas - create a story with a solid three-act plot and perfect scene structure. Use a powerful list tool to sketch all kinds of notes and ideas. WhizFolders, the design software for authors, is introduced. Perfect contours with a powerful, productive application.

The debate went on, the utility will outline all your notes in a single listing. The reason why this way of organising and sketching is better to do in a directory

When you make a note from a notebook, for example, your note is often in a different order and in a different order than the author's one. Likewise, when working on a new composition projects, you must continually reorder the sheet music you compose or gather. "You can simply choose and move several tracks.

Are you aware of what you've been lacking in your text processing all this while? It would be too hard or almost not possible to select the entire text of the note to move in a text editor. There is no multiple choice in text processing programs. What does it do to rearrange the music?

There is less need to scale to see the entire layout or layout of your documents. Fewer Scrolls also help if you need to choose a series of tones and move them to another position in the tree. Use the right combinations of functions as outliners, organizers, to-do lists and more.

There are three different note types in different parts of the structure and you can move them all at once under a preceding section using dragging and dropping. There is no multiple selections in a text editor, you cannot even choose three different scores in different parts of a single file at once.

I am not against the use of text processing programs. Wordprocessing is still very useful, but for presentations and not to sketch or start a draft. Once you're done, you' re ready to save the results for editing in a text editor. Simply dragging one or more sheet music headings and dropping them onto another one.

These become the subordinate elements of the destination notation. There are also single right and lefthand arrows to quickly increase or decrease the volume of the chosen music. Dragging or dropping a memo heading includes its kids as well. If you are exporting or pressing, you have the option of involving the kids if you have not chosen them.

When you need to insert new information, you can quickly browse to choose and insert a destination from the dropdown-menu. Information is inserted as a new memo with a lot of text and images. You may only need to edit part of a contour for many operation such as print and expor.

To help you find the articles you want more quickly, you can allocate colors or symbols to the memo headings. If you are a novelist, you often have to study from other writers. I' ve taken a few minutes from a notebook about the text. This often happens when you read a work.

Authors' hierarchies and chapter order may not correspond to your own lesson order, according to how much you already know about the topic. Organising your memos in an outline will help you understanding the new topic, because when you check your memos, you will find them in the correct order that you already have in your head.

Which is the benefit of the contours in two slices? In the area on the top you can see the hierarchic structure listing with the headings of the notations. You can find these tracks in the category feature "outline items". In the right area, the Richtext contents of the chosen touch are displayed.

This has the benefit of giving you a better view of your entire structure with fewer scrolls, since you only see the headings in the structure group. You can also see the contents in the same lists in a text processing program, but this will take too much scroll and too much loading work.

In contrast to a text processing system, each structuring layer can also contain text or notes. We also have a "View Combined Outline" function, as described later, which sometimes help to see everything in a single view. Look at the top lefthand area.

From this example you can see many ways sketching can help. Many years ago I made the above mentioned comments when I read a beautiful copywriting work. As I found something remarkable, I made a new notation in the structure and inserted it correctly into the hierarchical structure. Notice that I may not have followed the author's initial structure, but have made my own structure, depending on what I think, where it suits.

I now have the results in the form of memos that I can check very quickly. Also, if I am learning any new moves related to it, I can quickly put them in the right place in the outlines. You can use this type of sketch to create a new text written by you.

However, in this case, since the thoughts are accidental, you would write them down in different parts of the contour where they really fit. This would be the end product, but the order in which the outlines are created may not be the same. At the end, if you think that a design is finished, you can reprint the whole volume and the structure will be transformed into an indexes.

Or you can have all or part of the structure exported to an RTF to refine in a text processing program or send to an editors.

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