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Lettering and creativity At the OU, the program allows the student to study four different genres: literature, poesy, literary books and screenplay. The OU faculty includes novel authors, shortfiction authors, poet, creative authors of non-fiction books, illustrators and filmmakers. There are three key areas of the program: 1) apprenticeship, 2) mentoring and 3) commitment and professionalisation in the group.

The main focus of our programme is to offer our clients outstanding intro, middle and extended classes in the genres of their choosing. They are small and allow them to work in close collaboration with their teachers and other OU creativity literacy faculty and build a lively fellowship of authors and art.

Major are also obliged to take classes in other disciplines (this may involve dramaturgy classes provided by the Department of Music, Theatre and Dance and classes in books of creativity provided by the Department of Spelling and Writing). Our goal is to show the overlaps between the different types of imaginative composition while at the same time help the student to evolve their own voice through the refinement of particular literature skills.

And, because the members of the department work in a wide range of different musical forms and musical directions, it encourages the student to conduct experiments and research while learning the handicraft and overhauls. They also take lessons in modern literary and cinematic subjects to immerse themselves in the important opinions of today's authors.

Mentoring is another important factor in the programme's overall impact. Our students' relations with the school in a formally and informally way help them to get into the world of work while familiarizing them with the variety of job opportunities. Pupils entering the juniors and seniors classes are invited to complete work placements.

Lastly, we promote and make it easier for our authors to get involved in the world of literature and publishers as a whole, as they are on their way to becoming pros in this group. A number of groundbreaking and multi-format sessions and workshops help strengthen students' commitment to the wider study group, both on the OU and elsewhere (see Student Involvement section of this website).

The highlight of their work as writers is the opportunity for all of our seniors to take part in a keynote lecture open to the college and a wider group. The OU English Alumni Association is still open to graduates. An associate professor of English and inventive writings, Jeff is currently working on a graphical novel about the writer Ovid.

His thirty shorts, graphical histories and essay have been featured in scholarly and journal articles, such as the South Dakota Review, Black Warrior Review, The Florida Review and Cutbank. His M. F. A. in Creation from Sarah Lawrence College and his PhD in Creation from the University of Utah.

is an expert historian of the Victorian literatures with knowledge in Dickens study and Novictorian notion. She began her interest in books of non-fiction in 2003 and has been studying the art of non-fiction with such important authors as John D'Agata, Dinty Moore, Anne Marie Oomen and J.D. Dolan. Currently she is memoirizing her sister's lives in Louisiana and Texas from the 1950' to the 1990'.

Her doctorate was in English language at the State University of New York at Buffalo and she earned her M.A. from Michigan State University. During this period, more than a hundred of her students' pieces were created, directed or awarded prizes. Their own productions have been performed in theatres throughout Michigan, among them the Purple Rose, BoarsHead, Performance Network and the Fourth Street Playhouse.

She is Associate Professor of English and Creation and Head of the CWP. Her work has reviewed modern literature for a number of magazines, among them Publishers Weekly, Rain Taxi and American Book Review. Cornelia graduated with a B.A. in Arts from Bard College and a PhD in 20th century literature from Washington University in St. Louis.

She is an assistant professor of English and written work. In 2016, her first volume of poems entitled Bet of Impatiens was a finaleist for the Able Muse Book Award and a finaleist for the Ohioana Award in Poetic 2017. Their poems appear in magazines such as Arion, Beloit Magazine, Massachusetts Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, Midwestern Gothic, RHINO and Southwest Review and in the Anthologie Down to the Dark River:

She' s interested in linking creativity and criticism, as in her empty verses passage in the 2017 edition of Wallace Stevens Journal. A residence of the Eastern Frontier Education Association, she won the great Hopwood Prize in Poetics from the University of Michigan, where she was awarded her MFA.

Prior to her doctorate in comparative literature at Northwestern University, she was a press assistent at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. He is a Special Lecturer in creative authoring and has been a Resident Writers at the InsideOut Literary Arts Project for 20 years. He' s the creator of a novel, Bob, or Man on Boat, and five other novels, the most recent of which is The Fisch and the Not Notable Book of 2015.

He is a widely read writer in scholarly publications such as Chicago Review, Iowa Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Black Warrior Review, Quarterly West, Massachusetts Review and Northwest Review, among many others. Mr. B.A. from the University of Michigan and M.F.A. from Western Michigan University. He was granted a Kresge Arts scholarship in Detroit in 2012.

Retrospect: Free Press - "Book of one-syllable words makes Peter Markus notable" Susan is Assistant Professor of English and Composing. In 2015 she received a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artists' Award and in 2012 a Virginia Center for the Creative Artsidency. She has published her essay and story in the South Dakota Reviews, the Iowa Reviews, the Utne Reader, Conjunctions, Hotel America and other magazines.

Ms. Bailey holds an M.F.A. from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a PhD from the University of Utah. She is a professor of English and creativity at the University. At the moment she is memoirizing the challenge of being a feministic step mam. Ms. B.A. in English Literature from Emmanuel College and M.A. and Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Brandeis University.

She is an assistant professor of English and composition typing. Their first poetry compilation, On the Desire to Levitate, was chosen as the 2013 Hollis Summer Poetry Prize laureate and released by the Ohio University Press in March 2014. The book was chosen by Library Journal as one of "Thirty Amazing Poetry Titles for Spring 2014 " and tested by Scott Russell Sanders for the first edition of the Middle West Review.

She has published her poems in magazines such as Boston Review, Guernica, AGNI, Women's Studies Quarterly, Puerto del Sol, Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Antioch Review and others, as well as in the Best New Poet 2006 and The Hecht Prize Anthology, 2005 - 2009. She has received in the World Art Center of Provincetown, Vermont Studio Center, Millay Colony for the Arts, Writers at Work und Byrdcliffe Artist's Guild.

Recently Alison was also a guest editor at Crazyhorse, Assistant Poetry Editor at the Indiana Review and appeared as an artist in Tino Sehgal's "This Progress" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, New York. A graduate of the City University of New York (CUNY), she earned her PhD in English and her M.F.A. in Poetry from Indiana University.

There is Dave, Assistant Professor of Arts and Cinema. His doctorate was in film studies at Exeter University. She is a specialist lecturer in English and creativity typing. Writer of a chapterbook of poetry, She has published or is in preparation for a dance book of poetry, and her work has been published in American Literary Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Cimarron Review, CincinnatiReview, North American Review, West Branch and other professional magazines.

Her M. F. A. in Poetics and her PhD in Creativity Literary and Literary Studies at the University of Houston, where she was a Michener, Cambor and Krakow Poetics Seminar scholar. Give her an informal copy of your copy and the name of two OU teachers with whom you have been studying.

Stay informed about the latest news such as reading and competitions by using the programme on our Facebook page. The following are occasions for cooperation with large groups of students: It' also an opportunity for those interested in scriptwriting to meet and workshops, presentations and screenplays for moviemakers!

Among the categories we release are literature, screenplays, non-fiction, poems and comic books (including extracts from graphics novels). You can also send in pictures for Coversart. Every term the program promotes lectures and lectures by artisans, literary scholars, screenplayists, screenplayists, and creatives of non-fiction. We organize regular round tables on the topics of authoring and editorial work as well as regular online and offline communication and communication activities in local school.

The Maurice Brown Reading Series is the first poem edition of the year. It is financed by a large contribution from OU professor Judith Brown in remembrance of her late OU professor Maurice Brown, a great enthusiast of poesy. Student mentorship programmeOur mentorship programme employs alumni with senior and senior UK graduates to help facilitate students' transitions into the working environment.

However, our undergraduates also have a flourishing OU English Alumni Association. We can organize read groups on our university campuses, conduct specialist seminars and search for jobs, and even arrange literacy groups for graduates! We also invite graduates to participate in the meeting of the CWC.

InternshipsThis programme focuses on students' commitment to volunteering, internships and teamwork. Interns in a broad cross-section of literature locations, such as Dzanc and Wayne State University Media, 826Michigan (literacy and creativity outline program), Midwestern Gothic (literary magazine), InsideOut Detroit (creative writers' studios in Detroit municipal schools), Baldwin Center and (Community Help Center), and Work A House (Detroit lit. Non-profit Literary).

You can also arrange your internship yourself. Studenten können Fiction and Poetry Workshops an der University of London, London, UK und an der University of East Anglia, UK.

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