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Writing Professionals Can you tell me more about professional writing? Gaylord College's Professional Writing (PW) programme is designed to help our college graduates acquire the necessary skill set to be successful in the publishers' world. Practitioners are in the writing biz; learn how to write a history, market yourself as an writer and prepare for career as free-lance writers of textbooks, shorts, magazine essays and scripts, both novels and non-fiction, in printed and on-line.

The Gaylord Hall has more than 100,000 m² of high-tech class rooms, showrooms, studios and computer rooms. The Gaylord Hall has four computer class rooms, two full sized full featured electronic broadcasting rooms, 14 recording rooms, class rooms and two modern open media laboratories available to all our undergraduates. Pre-university college graduates are usually interested in: Preparing for high schools could be jounalism, creative writing, broadcasting or annual.

Internationally, literary writers Deborah Chester, J. Madison Davis, Jim Butcher, Louis L'Amour, Ross Thomas, Carolyn Hart and Tony Hillerman have written numerous novels in all the different literature and non-fiction categories and have been featured by the Department and former Ph. D. student programs. We have an unbelievable affiliate community to help you!

Gaylord is a global network of PW graduate programs where top Gaylord undergraduates can meet, donate and assign interns. Consultants and lecturers promote and complement conventional teaching experiences through on-the-job trainings. There are no limits to the options with a PW qualification with options such as careers trade shows, network building functions, first-class university organisations, led travel and educational visits and stays abroad.

PW undergraduates can participate in a number of organisations. Pre-university undergraduates have the opportunity to go abroad: Gaylord Collegium of Journalism and Mass Communication ist Gründungsmitglied des Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Since 1948 the university has been continuously accredited.

He is a bachelor of arts in journalism. M. of Prof. Writing are also available.

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