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Writing course at the Open University

conspectus When you are an upcoming author with a script and are willing to send it in, or just at the beginning of your write trip, don't miss what will be an indispensable tag to work on a publishing it. For the past five years she has been the editor of the Writers & Artists Yearbook and the Children's & Artists Yearbook and regularly gives lectures on publishing at literature fairs and writers' activities.

At Jenny Brown Associates Lucy Juckes is representing authors and graphic designers for kids. The most thrilling aspect of the MA is its versatility and the way it investigates the relation between the different styles and offers four different threads - fantasy, poetics, creative non-spcipt. More information about the MA in CreativeWriting here.

You can find more information about how to teach creativity at the OU and in our subgraduate courses here. Interested in taking a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Literature or BA (hons) Art and Humanities (Creative Writing)? Take a look at our Bachelor's and Ph...

Open University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong's creativity economy is becoming increasingly important, not only for the country's economy but also for its culture revival. The" Bachelor of Arts with Honours in creative writings and film arts" is a program for the education of talented creatives for Hong Kong's culture economy, especially in the fields of film, advertisement, written creativity and publication.

The student gets to know different facets of the creativity economy and related practises. The courses on offer cover scriptwriting, scripting, cinema theory, cinema science, movie productions, publications, commercials, broadcast, radio and theater. It is a 4-year program provided by the School of Arts and Social Sciences in classroom-use.

Participants are continually checked for the accuracy of tasks, work, papers, lectures and/or exams. The program includes film/TV productions studio, cutting lab, computer graphic lab s, art studio s and recording studio s. The program's alumni are well prepared for a number of professions in the fields of scriptwriting, directing, cameraman, copywriting, reporting, film criticism, novel writing and writing.

You can also continue your study in the fields of cinema, filmmaking, literary, audiovisual and culture sciences or other related fields. At the end of the program, the student should be able to do this: a) Mastery of novelistic, screenplay and movie reviewing arts; b) Creation of reviews of different genre creations; d) Mastery of filmmaking and cinematography.

The main areas of studies and education are: Theoretical and aesthetic aspects of cinematography, cinema and cinema; (2) analytical and constructive thought; (3) narrative and presenting abilities; (5) filmmaking and post-production technologies. During the first two years of their studies, the main focus is on a broad range of topics in the fields of aesthetic, literary, history, artistic direction as well as in the field of audiovisual productions.

During the later two years, the student will be taught how to put the theoretical knowledge into action in the field of filmmaking and advance work.

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