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It is an exciting opportunity to develop your skills as a writer in fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and screenplay for film, radio and stage. Magister | Creativity Writing at the Open University in Ireland

As a freelancer, this Master's course will give you the necessary writing and editing competencies and a range of valuable, portable communications and collaboration capabilities necessary for the common profession of today's writers. For those wishing to acquire an academical background in higher learning, this skill offers a path to a higher research or practical training diploma (e.g. doctorate), which is indispensable for such a background.

Masters degrees can help improve your chances as a high school or college lecturer; most teachers of creativity writing now require an MA in this area. When you are interested in a profession in the fields of music, the arts, creativity or science, or if you already have a professional background in one of these fields and are looking for a further professional training, a Master's programme, complemented by the corresponding abilities and experiences, can turn out to be inestimable.

The diploma is of relevance for those professions that directly rely on the handicraft of writing, editorial work and criticism (e.g. journalism, publication, copywriting). This may also be of relevance for career paths that require the ability to deal creatively and analyze various types of text, to think critically and to organize and understand cultural in the broadest possible way.

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Essays are texts in which you debate the subject from different angles, present a discerning point of views and a multifaceted scholarly argument, based on the necessary and pertinent references. A paper is less limited in terms of form and layout than a scholarly paper.

A paper is divided into headlined paragraphs. This subdivision is the most commonly used way to organize an essay: Conclusions also give you the chance to think about what you learnt while writing. Consider that it is important that essays have a clear and consistent format. You should be in the correct scholarly tongue, the reference should be highlighted in the text and a reference listing should appear on the last page.

Unless other course-specific instructions are given, you can adhere to the APA rules for quoting in the text and creating the reference listing. If you write an article, you should consider the three general categories: Are your statements of conceptions, thoughts and samples showing the capacity to collect, para-phrase and use the most important points?

Do you write with an appreciation of the topic, or does it move from one topic to the next and offers only shallow comment? Is there a number of points in the paper that make up an argument that supports the key point? Is the article moving from point to point in a logical way?

Are there any inconsistencies in the paper? Are the sales structures consistent? Are the quotations and bibliographies in accordance with academic norms? At the top of the title page of your paper you should mark: The last page should contain a reference list of all the reference materials you use (books, items, stats, online materials, etc., even unreleased material).

Do not forget to obey the teacher's advice.

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