Open University Creative Writing Short course

Short Open University Creative Writing Course

Language, literacy and learning short course. You can study creative and professional writing online with Griffith University. Screenplay dialogue, copywriting and short feature film design.

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Literary is an artwork or a work of fine artwork that uses means of speech. Languages and literatures are means of expressing the essence of a civilization, the particular features of a community or group of people in relation to spirit, mind, emotion as well as the world. This literary subject investigates the connections of literary works with other types of heritage such as film, electronic and fine art.

Studying bibliography provides general information in many areas, enables the student to think analytically and develops their capacity to provide sound argumentation on a particular topic.

Alumni become discerning readership and authors and acquire scientific abilities to carry out inventive research in the realm of literati. Alumni can work in different areas: editorial staff, educators, authors, book critics / reporters, mathematicians and scientists.

Open Universities Australia | Creative and Professional Writing

Compelling is a fundamental discipline that allows beginners and seasoned authors to evolve their creative and advanced writing avenues. During your studies you will study the roles of structures, storylines, opening rules, personality evolution, dialog and setting in the creation of thrilling and striking writing.

You will analyze and criticize the following writing style through a range of optional writing and study assignments and official evaluations: Writing short stories, dialog and advertising texts, review. You' re invited to become part of an on-line writing group and exchange your work in answer to the writing assignments.

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